SERS, Serial Numbers and Very Bad Accounting

Sometimes I have to write without tipping my hand, which means you won’t get documentation for this story. I have it: but I may need to use it.

I’m told there is a story about how “things are going to change at SERS” but that’s not the problem.

The Lynnwood Police Officer/Detective Dilworth, claims to have now found 180K in misappropriated funds attributed to Mark McDermott. They don’t say how much of the items they got back and don’t mention that for some odd reason they sold off the heavy equipment that McDermott returned.

They still haven’t corrected the lie they told about “not knowing he even bought it” I have the receipt, the board approval, and the serial numbers.

Recently an anonymous source sent me more info then I can go through. Previously McDermott had given me a lot of info I (or the general public) should not have had, those portions were returned to SERS as they could’ve damaged the integrity of our 911 system.

There were things that I kept but the security items went back.

So in going through this new round of records it seems that Mr McDermott had the same app as I do called the Call Recorder, unfortunately he saved every phone call even down to if he should stop at the store for milk. That’s why I’ve been absent here, I am doing so much research that I’m pretty sure my eyes are bleeding.

Here is what I can tell you:

  1. Mark McDermott had complete authority to lay down gravel on his property
  2. Mark McDermott had complete authority to buy lawn seed
  3. Mark McDermott had complete authority to build the sheds
  4. Mark McDermott had complete authority to store the equipment at his house
  5. Mark McDermott had complete authority to buy the security systems
  6. Several members of the board knew full well that he had the equipment there
  7. McDermott had a notebook of all the evidence he had against Community Transit which was taken but never booked into evidence during the numerous search warrants. Unfortunately for them, he was not a stupid man and kept a copy which we have.
  8. The clothes they claim he stole were issued by FEMA because he had FEMA certification for those items of clothing.

I do want to share with a picture from some of his files, to explain why any time heavy equipment is used, you’re pretty much going to have to redo your lawn (which explains the lawn seed and feed) Keep in mind that Mr McDermott was storing SERS property on his own property at no cost, as decided by several phone calls that we have obtained.


Now my policy of not writing about someone if they have left public office is very clear. Lynnwood Police Jensen stepped down but the Mountlake Terrace Mayor and a few other board members are still around, so once I figure out how to report it without Jensen I will have a much clearer story up for our readers

I need to make it crystal clear, I am not saying that McDermott was innocent of everything, but he did not act alone or in an unknown capacity and if they really did search the records they might find the perks other received.

My problem is that Dilworth/SERS is still torturing his family who had nothing to do with any of this, I have the phone calls to prove it but if I show all of the evidence I do have they may use to further torture them, or simply just retaliate against them in a 100 other ways.

Anyone who tortures helpless innocent women to hide other crimes won’t stop until they get their way, it is even been rumored he received a promotion before Jensen left… Which kind of makes me want to present everything I have on him here.He didn’t leave and leave things alone he made sure he placed folks where he wanted them and he is still on the SERS Board