As The Reed Family Turns… On Each Other

Clyde and Tony Reed’s parent’s Clyde Sr. and Faye Reed, have finally been arrested, charged, arraigned, and released for rendering criminal assistance.

Clyde Reed has pled the same for helping hide Monique Patenaude and Patrick Shunn’s remains.

The arrest of the elder Reeds was largely symbolic and too long overdue to do any good.

It was known within a day or two they rendered criminal assistance, the mother even said if she knew where her boys were she’d shoot them so they wouldn’t go to jail.

They should’ve been jailed right then and there so they wouldn’t have been able to help them further but they thought watching them was a better idea for whatever reason.

Second guessing is of no help at this point, 2 beautiful lives are gone. No amount of, or lack of, jail time can bring them back.

The searchers on the ground gave it their all to find them in the initial stages, but they were not the lead investigators.

The neighbors, friends and family did their best to care for the couple, to get the word out and to care for their animals.

The sad fact remains that the man who took their lives away from them is still out, free and enjoying his life. You can best believe his parents and his brother know exactly where he is at.

We know that Tony Reed got 1 yr in jail, I am still trying to find out if he got 364 days or 366, it is an important distinction, because if he got 364 he will merely do a little less then 9 months in the county jail and could be released on house arrest within 90 days. If he got 366 he will have to cycle through the state prison system and could immediately be spit out right to work release after his initial classification period.

Our Sheriff that makes these types of calls is an elected official, with all the deaths at the jail, the corruption in so many of the departments and rookie investigative mistakes that seem to go on daily, I really think it’s time we vote smarter at our next election.