Kevin Hulten and the PDC: It Ain’t Over

So last week we found out that the Public Disclosure Commission is sending out subpoenas to King County, or rather, the Washington State Attorney General was sending them out to the major crimes unit for King County plus a few others in the Kevin Hulten investigation

Next thing you know there are a few PR stories about the PDC possibly considering “Civil Charges” against Kevin Hulten.

So far Mr Hulten has totally disregarded every single subpoena sent to him but for whatever reason they are sure he is going to call in on June 23rd at noon, because he has been so dependable up til now.

I was told by Ms Anderson that they did not have that info even though it was clearly sent to them.

Now all of a sudden they are subpoenaing the info all over again. Maybe they just need to recheck their emails and they’ll find what they need. I suspect they just ignored it or tossed it in their attempt to let the statute of limitations run.

They claim it is a “3 yr ongoing investigation” but when I interviewed them about it, I was told that nothing had been done because they had a management shake up and were low on funding.

No matter what the outcome Mr Hulten is the sacrificial lamb, once the names of his bosses are out of the newspapers, they’ll find another one just like him to throw under their short busses…