Heard on the scanner


Shots fired from a car but the car had already left in Lynnwood
180th and 64th 6105 party with the parents gone in Lynnwood
6301 and 180th more shots fired, shell casing found in the road


Car prowler on Marine View Drive about 5’9 looks like Grizzly Adams
410, 411, 412, 413, 414, 445 & 446 on scene looking for Grizzly Adams
Robb, 1956/10/06

Homeless man on 41st and Rucker says someone is threatening his life.

Missing person found… No longer missing

123 and 73rd ave NE heard something that sounded like someone trying to kick a door in and loud whispers, heard a loud import vehicle driving by slowly

Edward 2 has someone running away from him in a driveway

Dog running down broadway no one knows what to do because animal control is not open but at least it’s not rush hour so they are going to wait to see what happens

Hearing shots in the area (?) same guy was shooting about a month ago

2000 vaughn way 911 hang up

Bran Wren is trespassing and being verbal at Providence on Colby 411 and 413 on scene

19th and Broadway alarm at Cash America Broadway

44th and 123rd pulled over a red car belonging to Kevin Martinez of Monroe