How do we do it? (Finding stuff that is)

People ask me all the time how I found this or that out about the people in my articles.

Mostly it is a simple Google Search which leads me to all kinds of other resources & stories. I have some sources that most normal people don’t have access to as well but most of what any normal person needs is already out there.

1) Washington State Court/Records Website:


Search for a case Search for a person
Find My Court Date
Use this search to find out when you need to appear in district or municipal court. The search tool returns a case summary and, where applicable, calendar information and a list of case activities (docket).Case Search Options
Use this search if you already know information about a case.

Case Number Find a case in a court for a provided case number.
Person Name Find cases in a court for a provided person name.
Business Name Find cases in a court for a provided business name.

The search tool returns a case summary and, where applicable, calendar information and a list of case activities (docket). Attorney’s Search
If you are an attorney, use this search to view district and municipal court proceedings associated with your Bar Number. You can also get your daily district/municipal court calendar e-mailed to you every morning.

Name Search
Use this search to find people. If you enter a person’s name, the search tool searches across court levels and returns a list of people that match the name you typed. You can then search cases which involve that person.Licensed Health Facility Search
Use this search to find people with active Vulnerable Adult Protection orders. This information is provided for use as reference material and is not the official court record. The official court record is maintained by the court of record. Copies of case file documents are not available at this website and will need to be obtained from the court of record.

Just be careful about the records you find: If you don’t know what the different codes mean you can be seriously mistaken & if you make or state a claim against someone you can be sued. Myself for instance: I have my name recorded 34 or 35 times so if you don’t know what you are looking at I look like Jack the Ripper, but most of those are traffic tickets, & there are 9 cases associated with my 1 misdemeanor. So if you want to know what a case is about, this is merely a starting point, get the case number & call the court of record & most times they can tell you what the charge is about. If it something that interests you, you can then order those records for you own information because it’s a public record.

2) Snohomish County Auditor‘s Office: Okay so let’s say that you’ve got someone harassing you like the city of Everett has done to me: When it comes time to file a lawsuit, you should know what assets these people have & what adress you can serve them at. You can also see who they have major economic dealings with. Click on the second link under online search & you’ll find this information & more: Addresses, Liens, Deeds, Mortgages, Marriages & Divorces.

3) Snohomish County Daily Jail Register: This is the site to go to if someone you know has fallen off the map. Sadly unlike the King County site it only lists a 3 day period so if you don’t happen to see the arrest in that time your out of luck.

4) Washington State Archives: Now this is an interesting site that charges up to 20K for records, unless you are independently wealthy I wouldn’t advise paying for it but the odd thing about this site is that it lists many cases that don’t show up on the Washington State Court Website

5) Snohomish County Warrants Check: This is a place where you can go to check and see if you or someone you know has a warrant, it is split into felony & misdemeanor sections but keep in mind it only covers district & superior court matters. The cities don’t participate in the listings here so don’t be a dummy & be a wiseguy after you’ve looked yourself up here with the local police & then be surprised if you get arrested. Seriously.

So what can you use this for?

In something like my case, I can use it to investigate corruption, to see different relationships, business & otherwise between certain people. I am using it to find assets of the people I intend to sue knowing that they may not accept service at their place of employment so I will know where they live so I can have them served there.

It should also be a very important tool for someone thinking of dating someone new, especially if you have children or pets at home or more than 4 bucks to your name. Or if you are going to hire someone or work with someone in such a way that it leaves you or your personal information vulnerable.

I will add more in another story & if any of you have any of your own links to share then by all means please add them here.

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