How the Washington State Patrol destroys people

Spokane and Stevens County seem to be a hotbed for the Washington State Patrol to act within the “Color of the Law” as egregiously as can be imagined.

Todd Chism is the man pictured below, after a run in with the WSP. The sex crimes division troopers obtained an illegal warrant, by not telling the truth and falsely accused this man of buying child porn with his wife’s credit card which had been stolen. No evidence was ever found on his computer where they alleged this to have happened. After a trip to the 9th Circuit and a 2.4 million dollar settlement the WSP still refused to punish or reprimand the troopers involved.

Todd Chism

The two Washington State Patrol troopers whose botched child pornography investigation cost taxpayers $2.4 million have been transferred off a sex crimes unit but have not faced any discipline for providing false information to a judge. WSP Sgt. John Sager and Trooper Rachel Gardner are back on patrol and will not be placed on what’s known as a “Brady” list for officers known to have lied on the job, WSP spokesman Bob Calkins said.


Or you can simply accuse someone of rape like a former WSP, turned Spokane County Prosecutor Steve Tucker did. Pros, Tucker has been the focus of a few cases involving the WSP in regards to trooper misconduct that he failed to act upon

Robert Caruso, a long time attorney, potty mouth rabelrouser rubbed Mr Tucker the wrong way some time ago by running against him for the prosecutor’s position

This guy always seems to be under fire though…

1. He was fined $7,800 for filing a frivolous lawsuit in 2000 against former Spokane Mayor John Powers
2. Superior Court Judge Neal Rielly ripped Caruso for incompetence during a 2004 trial
3. Caruso was admonished in August by the WSBA for telling a “racist” joke in front of a black jailer

There are no details of the case that haven’t been released to the media, down to the color of this woman’s underwear This is done to taint the jury pool as much as possible. The tried and true method of getting someone convicted in “The Court of Public Opinion” and it works most times.

The woman who accused Mr Caruso as recently as a week before this incident reported that another party held her down, made her ingest drugs and raped her as well. Ultimately this has backfired on the prosecutor and so he asked his friend Bob Furgeson at the Washington State Attorney General’s Office to prosecute it for him and he gladly obliged. There has never been a case of a state AG prosecuting a rape but Tucker realized once he failed to garner many comments, except for a few calling him out to the mat he knew that no jury would buy the lie. It is a lie, our reporters have proof which has been released to the right parties and once the AG figures out what he is going to do then we will release it here.

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