If You’re Going To Threaten Me… Make it Credible

I get tips, I get rants and raves… and I get threats. Some are so screwy that I’m not sure if they are actually threats, the one I got tonight was very clear.

Some I just screw with them back and forth until they get frustrated and go away when they are brave enough to email or call but this was a fake account and then message was then erased.

Something along the lines of

The people you’re screwing with the most powerful judges, cops, lawyers and business men in this state, they can take you out with less then a phone call, or set you up, or mess with your kids, and the ones who can’t will sue the crap out of you.

Too late, I’ve already been set up, the city of Everett (at my last accounting) has spent almost 1.5 million dollars to charge me with a crime that was not even on their books, and that was actually merely a citation. So that one is played out. Until I file in Federal Court.

My kids are either out of the country or they have live feed cameras on their houses at all times and they’ve already screwed with them.

I wish, no I pray one of these ingrates would sue me, not only can I prove everything I have ever said but once they “open that door” I am free to put all of the records, documents, photo’s and other evidence I have against them in a public record and it will be my supreme pleasure to them deposed every single last one of them.

I would love the chance to watch some of these folks under oath answer questions like:

So how many churches have you been kicked out of for molesting kids?
So how much did you pay the neighbor after you got caught feeling up his teen age daughter or did you just threaten him?
Oh wait isn’t that you laying on the desk with your feet up in the air behind so and so’s pasty white behind?
What do you go to a small town in Mexico famous for child prostitution so often?
How do you feel about the fact that your babysitter had to get an abortion because she didn’t know if you or her boyfriend was the father?
How could you sodomize your own son?
How could you take a human being’s life while they begged you not to just for a few bucks?
How could so many of you help cover it up?
How do you look those mothers and father’s in the face and say you don’t know where their kids are?
So how much coke do you think you do a week?
Oh and this picture with the little red ball in your mouth and full S&M leather is that a recent picture of you?
So what kinds of stuff do you do at your little swinger’s club? Is it all human or do you also go for animals too?

There’s dozen’s more questions I would like to ask and I will have the proof to go with them. I haven’t even started on 5% of what I know.

Some of the info I get is so graphic and so horrifying that I spend hours crying or throwing up, and God knows I can’t eat or sleep 1/2 the time.

I don’t do this for fun, I started it because of Mike Fisher, David C Mitchell, Lori Trask, Ramsey Ramerman, Ray Stephanson, and Shannon Johnson, but mostly for the animals. It turned into this and I can’t un-see, un-hear, or un-know any of it.

Some of these folks have been smart enough to step down and go away when I have confronted them and in every one of my stories is a hint or clue that they will know.

Some I just keep writing about because I am not going to give them the opportunity to go prey on other communities or helpless people.

I have over 700 stories ready to be published maybe about 800 by now on 6 different platforms if anything were to happen to me they will automatically self publish with all of the documents and pix to go with them, oh and a few handwritten guestbooks videos and recordings…

So they can take me out but I will be dead and I will have no problems, they on the other hand: Well their problems will just be beginning.

I don’t know if whoever messaged me is retarded or just didn’t have a mother who taught them not to threaten someone with nothing to lose. It’s a game you don’t win, I was perfectly happy running around saving animals, shutting down puppy mills, and going after crappy shelters like King County, and the City of Everett shelters or bad rescues like Ginger’s Death Rot Rescue, and CJ’s.

Until 2011 I thought a Pro Se was a fancy french hooker and honestly I had no idea what a “County Executive” was but I promise you this: I have lived through and survived much worse then this gang of thieving, sexually deviant, corrupt pieces of garbage. That’s what I do, against all odds, I survive.

I am not going to stop until Fisher, Trask, Ramerman, Stephanson, Okrent, Gibbs, Inslee, Hobbs, Leach, Appelwick, Becker, Stevens, Jones, Roe, Edie, O’Dell, Nappe,Fair, Orcutt, King, Downes, Lucas, Divttorio, and the WSBA is gone, no longer functioning as an agency or no longer in a position of public trust along with about 3 dozen others. Others I didn’t mention is because they are gone already or because I’m not giving them the chance to weasel out of it.

But seriously: Don’t threaten me, or my kids, especially my kids, or my life. All it does is make me fight harder, and dig in deeper.

You also don’t seem to understand why I do this: Not for money or power or for fame, but to try to save others from the pain that I and others have gone through, and to hold the people who are responsible for it accountable, but most of all just to make sure that we have an honest and fair Government.

So a threat that you erase with a fake name and account… really? You might just want to stop poking the bear and learn something about how metadata works