Our Village Idiot Just Cost Us Another 45,000.00

There is NO shortage of dead wallets or careers this guy leaves behind. Does not matter to him: Either way he gets paid and the longer he can drag it on, the more money he gets…



This guy is one of those that you don’t have to even dig up any dirt on, everything he does or touches is dirty and if it isn’t he’ll make it seem that way: As long as he is getting our tax dollars.

Only G*d and a few cities know how much he has cost taxpayers.

Remember all of the money that these cities or counties use to fight the Public Records Act comes from us – the taxpayers so it’s no skin off of their back to keep these fights going on for years if you won’t go away…

These are just a few of the cases he has been involved with most of which he has lost but has drug through all of the courts in this state all the way up to the Supreme Courts

Mesa V Zink,

Nissen V Pierce,

O’Neal V Shoreline,

Morgan V Federal Way,

West V Puyallup,

Koenig V Lakewood,

He is (or has been) the city attorney for Everett, Puyallup, Mesa, Mercer Island, Gold Bar, Tacoma and a few others, so how is he serving the city of Everett taxpayer interests?

He isn’t and he has carte blanche to pursue all of his personal interests via our hard earned money.

If anyone of those cities with more then 3 functioning brain cells would take a good look at his record they would save their money, and try harder to be good little elected officials and never take one word of advice from this person.

Obeying the law as it pertains to the Public Records Act is not unheard of, and it just makes good sense. Oh and it saves the taxpayers millions of dollars every year.

Just look at all the Pierce County garbage, all that nonsense and wasted time and money for a few stupid texts that simply said for others to comment on a story.

Was it ethical? No.

Was it enough to destroy Mark Lindquist if he would’ve not listened to this buffoon and just released them in the first place (which is what he wanted to do)? No. This is one of those things that could’ve just rolled right off his back

Instead Ramsey has him say it was campaign related so he could drag him into criminal charges so he could charge the county taxpayers even more and drag the Prosecutor and the Citizens further into the “Rabbit Hole”

I have had some of the worst lawyers this side of the Mississippi and even they weren’t this evil.

So now we’re going to be paying Arthur West 45K because of more crappy advice from our “city attorney” I think it’s time for our city leaders to put an end to this man’s reign of idiocy, or for them to all hit the door with him.

I would also suggest that anyone who has had trouble getting records from the city of Everett or anywhere else in Washington State, to contact Mr West and see if he can request those records for you since he’s the only who can seem to get anywhere.