Our Daily Jail Register… On Again, Off Again

I have had a few folks ask my why I quit doing the daily jail register, the first time we stopped. It was simply that it is very time consuming and I am horribly behind on other stories.

I decided to “bring it back” until I realized that all of my registers are being copied and pasted on to blackmail sites. This story explains it a bit more

Although we don’t have access to mugshots in this state unless law enforcement needs to do a public blast, the arrest record can still be damaging enough.

The issue with this (and I mistakenly believed it was a simple one) is that just because someone has been arrested doesn’t mean they are guilty or will even be charged with any crime.

I have taken down a few of my postings because either some one proved to me they were acquitted, exhonerated, or never charged, plus I have taken a few very minor ones for someone who had a ticket or non-violent crime.

What I didn’t realize is that other sites have been stealing my information for months, even after I no longer offered it in the I-copyright services.

My interest is in informing, educating, and learning with the community. Our focus is on corruption, not destroying citizen’s lives.

So I would like to apologize in advance but I can not be a party to these swindlers. Thank you for your understanding in this matter