Judge Mary(Beth) Elizabeth Dingledy Pleads Guilty to DUI

I thought we had at least one Judicial Advocate on the bench in Mary Dingledy in Snohomish County, it appears I was wrong. She overcame breast cancer, and mountains some of us can only dream of but it remains to be seen how she handles this.

She has pled guilty to a DUI, and her sentencing hearing is on November 1st

The good news is she didn’t hurt anyone, although she spun out on the freeway after hitting a barrier so it could’ve been much worse.

She made headlines in sentencing a driver a few years ago that had numerous DUI’s

Judge Dingledy said at Hansen’s sentencing hearing “Given how many chances you’ve had I can’t give you another one. I’m going to hit you with everything.” The judge also told Hansen that it amazed her he had not hurt anyone as many times as he has driven while intoxicated.

It remains to be seen if she’ll be as willing to take the same type of punishment for herself as she has doled out to others over the past 5 yrs.