Snohomish County Health Dept Out of Needle Clean Up Kits – More Arriving Soon

I am sorry if you went to pick up a needle clean up kit and were turned away. Seems there was only 50 of them and they went relatively fast.

Snohomish County Health Dept has said they are having an issue with the specialized glove distributor.

If you are cleaning up used needles, please make sure to have proper equipment to keep you safe. We recommend a sharps container, puncture-resistant gloves, tongs or a grabber, safety glasses and hand sanitizer (if soap and water are not easily accessible). For your convenience, free needle clean-up kits are currently available at the Snohomish Health District located at 3020 Rucker Avenue, Suite 104 in Everett during normal business hours. Read more…

The need is astounding but no one is asking the question: Where are they all coming from?

Evidently there is a non-profit that is working with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Drug Task Force – A Hand Up, that is just giving away box after box of needles for free.

No one needs a box of a hundred needles at one time.

There is a need for clean needles for the safety of the user but there needs to be some accountability for what is being put out there.

Seattle has needle exchange programs where the person has to turn in a needle to get a needle. There are no such safeguards in Snohomish County.

So if your child or you get poked with any of these 1000’s and 1000’s of unaccounted for needles, my suggestion is that you contact a local attorney and file suit against the Drug Task Force and their non-profit partner.

Evidently they realize that this is a very dangerous solution because once another person brought it up in a Facebook group, they were immediately attacked by someone who is not even a part of the non-profit and silenced. Yes – I have the screenshot but the poor woman is terrified that they are going to retaliate against her so she has asked me not to post it.

The drug epidemic is out of control but that doesn’t mean that you or your child should pay for it with your life.