King Pierce and Snohomish County Connections

I make no bones about how I feel about people from my past, or people in elected positions that I know from my childhood.

For example, once I found out that Ms Block was going to go in front of Western District Court Judge Jones, I knew for sure that she would finally get justice. And then she didn’t, worse yet, her rights as a human being were completely bulldozed. The language that came out of Jones’ mouth that he put into writing on a public records was simply beyond the pale.

This newspaper has put me in a few positions of writing stories that even I didn’t want to believe, but I have a duty to my readers to set my personal feelings or agendas aside and that is what I do.

I recently had to write about a Latino official that I very much respected until I found out he was a pedophile, and I can say that with certainty because a Monroe Police Officer went to prison for doing exactly what he did.

I grew up with the King County Deputies, and most of the Seattle Police Force, down to having a few adopted Uncles in these departments.I always liked Urquhart and he was always good to me when I was a teen.

My focus has been on Snohomish County, but it is finally dawning on me that Stevens, Spokane, King, Pierce, and Snohomish County are far more interconnected then I had ever imagined.

Another activist told me that King County Deputy John Urquhart was just another corrupt piece of work and that I should check the latest news on him. I did not, not for a few days anyway.

I went to the Daily Beast to see what all the fuss was

A sergeant who used hand-sanitizer to draw a penis on his female subordinate’s car. Rape investigators accused of joking about masturbating to victims’ stories. These are just a few of the scandals to rock the Seattle-area sheriff’s office over the past four years…

What I seen was what appeared to be mismanagement in the fullest sense of the word.

The “The Reason” exposed a fake sex sting the department claimed that happened.

Then Lewis Kamb of the Seattle Times broke the story of rape allegations leveled against Deputy Urquhart.

The odd thing is if you read the stories, is that Urquhart then sends the documentation to the paper unsolicited to show that this woman had some type of mental deficit. Which seems to be her medical records, and that is clearly violating the HIPPA laws.

She was merely depressed – which happens to a lot of women and men once they are raped.

If you read the story and look at the documents you will understand why we have so much trouble and corruption with the local level, because the FBI does nothing but refer complaints right back to those being accused.

The FBI knows full well the level of corruption going in the departments and in our government yet they do nothing.

Our local governments have become so corrupt because the voters aren’t paying attention and the citizens do little to hold them accountable. We get out of it what we put into it, so far we have nothing but trash.

And another childhood hero goes down in flames… Just because they are in a uniform or a position of power does not make them good, in fact, quite the opposite.