Duvall Taxpayers On The Hook For A Classic Batiot Temper Tantrum

It appears that Ms Batiot is gearing up to sue the city of Duvall from our latest installment of records.

Mostly she seems to be whining because she put the entire city and the police dept in jeopardy with her illegal attempts at getting a restraining order  or SLAPP suit against a certain citizen and lying to the courts to get it,  Ms Batiot went and filed for a free restraining order at taxpayer’s expense which she got initially but that was also thrown out on June 21st, 2015. (Around the same time she was taken off patrol duties)

When that didn’t work she got the Port of Seattle and Shoreline Officer Coblantz involved to further violate the laws

Which happened after she got caught trying to press illegal charges against a certain citizen and threatening her life, on a recorded message no less. She even came after me

She just goes from agency to agency costing taxpayer money like it’s nothing. Killing Police dogs, wrecking police cars and racking up DUI’s and lawsuits. (One of her DUI Convictions can be found here, but there are 3 that we know of)

Too bad no one told her she shouldn’t try to railroad and frame innocent citizens with lies when her fake facade can be destroyed with the truth. I see not much has changed with her though, she tried to get all the leaders in her former depts fired so she could take over and she makes sure she is the only woman on the force so she can use that card.

Mayor Ibershoff can’t or shouldn’t even protect her now. She needs to go but she will take as much taxpayer money with her as she can.

The Mayor should be responsible for hiring her and should’ve checked her background instead of doing favors for John Pennington.

Maybe the citizens should file a recall against him.

I have included the email and assessment below, shortened for easier reading but here is the long versions of both

Assessment Answers

FW_ Duties & Responsibilities

I guess the one take away that citizens should get from this is that the Duvall Police Department as a whole is not corrupt, and that the dept as a whole sees her for what she is. Too bad she is going to take the taxpayers to the cleaners.

Let’s see where she lands next and with what last name this time


From: Lori Batiot Sent: Friday, October 7, 2016 12:03 PM To: Matthew Morton <matthew.morton@duvallwa.gov> Subject: FW: Duties & Responsibilities

From: Lori Batiot Sent: Friday, October 7, 2016 10:08 AM To: Carey Hert <carey.hert@duvallwa.gov> Subject: RE: Duties & Responsibilities


I have completed my narrative regarding case 16-01966D and it can be found in Spillman.

With all due respect, I have to say I was surprised by this email. I don’t understand what supports the statement that “In recent weeks, it is apparent you are getting more and more involved in the patrol function, causing both confusion, and animosity from officers”. I too would like to sit down and discuss where this perception is coming from. If someone has complained about this to you, it seems like they have skipped an important step in addressing it with me first.

I keenly recall the assessment. The written portion clearly stated “All patrol functions should be secondary, as needed, and you should not be taking time away from your primary role.” I have done exactly that and data in Spillman supports this. Since no specific examples have been given yet as to how I may have violated that direction, I am at a loss as to how to respond except to say that I have carried out every part of my assigned duties and done so competently and expediently. At that same assessment you also informed me that I am not liked by my coworkers and that much of this was partially caused because of my handling of assigned duties related to social media. At the time I was stunned by that because no one had spoken to me about it previously.

You may recall that at the assessment that I voiced my concern about the passive aggression in this department. We discussed the need for department members to respectfully air concerns with the person they have an issue with and then, only if that does resolve the matter, to move on to the next level. We discussed that again at the supervisors meeting. I thought we were in agreement that this was one of the cultural changes that needed to happen in this agency. The repeated broad statement that I am causing “confusion and animosity” is very upsetting to me and I feel it is an unfair and baseless conclusion.

This is the type of stuff that actually distracts me from my role and diminishes my ability to carry out my assigned functions. I took yesterday off because I felt physically ill with stress after what seems like yet another sucker punch. I had hoped to talk with you today about it (and would have preferred that) but since you are not available, I am responding to your email in kind. (She is warning him she is getting ready to sue them, like she has done to all of the departments unlucky enough to have hired her before)


Sergeant Lori Batiot Duvall Police Department NE Stephens Street / POB 1500 Duvall, WA 98019 Cell 206-391-3306 Fax 425-788-1169 Desk 425-939-8004

From: Carey Hert Sent: Wednesday, October 5, 2016 4:06 PM To: Lori Batiot <lori.batiot@duvallwa.gov> Subject: Duties & Responsibilities


It was brought to my attention today that there still seems to be confusion regarding your roles and responsibilities. I just want to clarify this with you again. Your current duties and responsibilities are based on your job description, which was provided to you again in April of this year, and then discussed with you in May, during your assessment, which is when you were advised to relinquish all duties and responsibilities for the patrol function. Additionally, in a Sgt. Meeting (attended by the Police Guild President) in June, all supervisors were made aware that you were to relinquish all duties and responsibilities for patrol, leaving the patrol function responsibilities to Sgt. DeBock and Sgt. Hawley, while you focused on the role of Community Outreach Supervisor and began LEXIPOL. (When she tried to get a frivolous restraining order against a certain citizen for free, with lies)

In recent weeks, it is apparent you are getting more and more involved in the patrol function, causing both confusion, and animosity from officers. I will schedule some time in the near future so we can discuss this in more detail, but at this time, I am again telling you to refrain from all duties and responsibilities for the patrol function, to include supervision of patrol staff and responding to calls for service. The work you have to do is extremely valuable and necessary, and you are definitely the right person to perform it. I need you to allow the patrol supervisors to do their job, and require the patrol officers, as well as myself, to hold their assigned supervisors accountable, without adding confusion and animosity.



Carey Hert, Police Chief Duvall Police Department (425) 788-1519 Ext 810 (425) 788-1169 Fax Carey.hert@duvallwa.gov 26225 NE Burhen WA Duvall, WA 98019


Here is the attachment that went with the email

Assessment Question #1 Describe your current duties and responsibilities as you believe them to be today:

I currently have many duties and responsibilities, more than any other Sergeant or Officer in this Agency. Some are based on my position and some are outside my job description but are mine by default because they need to be handled. I will list the work I currently handle. It is not necessarily listed in a specific order:


PATROL/ CALLS FOR SERVICE:  I also handled two complex sexual assault investigations (one of these is expected to come to trial next month), and a DUI in which the woman was more than three times the legal limit. I also spent many hours directing traffic during the floods, even as I also handled a heavy volume of related social media. (Ms Batiot should know volumes about drunk driving)



Assessment question #2

One thing I bring to the Agency that is especially vital is the ability to network. Officers regularly some to me when they need a contact or a resource. It take 5 seconds or it may take an hour, but I am always able to find what they are looking for. Part of this skill is in my follow-up; When someone goes out of their way to assist me, I make sure I follow up with some gesture to let them know I genuinely appreciated the help. For example, when the Secret Service assisted me with special software to crack a laptop that had been stolen by a habitual felon, I followed up by sending the Agent’s Office boxes of Krispy Kremes. Or more recently, when K-9 Remy and Officer Smith came from home to track a felony suspect into thick sticker filled woods, I made sure to deliver a thank you note signed by our squad with some treats for both of them. I believe that small gestures that let people know you appreciate them are so important and too often not made in this profession.
As far as the basics of police work: I don’t wreck cars, I always qualify at the range, I squeeze a tremendous amount of work in to the time I have, and I take responsibility for my actions. I come to work, I mind my own business, I don’t gossip, and I am always willing to assist my peers when asked. I am tenacious in my optimism and I am loyal.

Assessment question #3

This was a question about weaknesses. The question asks me to list the weaknesses that I feel I have that may be hindering my performance and/or the overall performance our department. I have weaknesses. Everyone does. I am sure I could spend a few more hours at the range and finally get my name on the top gun board. Despite the extra scrutiny I have received and exaggerated stories that spread around, I do have good officer safety but it could be better and I’m working on it.But here are some other things that hinder my performance. I feel sad and lonely when I have the sense that I am completely alienated from the people I work with. I feel weak when I hear that everyone is having lunch or coffee and doesn’t invite me. I feel my performance is hindered when I am targeted by anonymous co-workers with petty complaints that go straight to the City Administrator that have nothing to do with my work product (someone doesn’t like me wearing service stripes on my uniform, I took my dog to day care in the mornings to accommodate the grueling hours I was working, that I get some unnamed “special treatment”, that I single handedly had a commander fired and now everyone is scared of me and on and on. I work very hard to present this Agency as the best of the best, but when it comes down to it, I feel like I work with some people who just really aren’t that nice.

Further, I am hindered by a lack of follow through. Programs that just sort of fizzle out without a clear end. Agreements and promises that don’t actually materialize.

The question states that, “The goal here is to help you become a better individual asset and team player for our department.” Well, I AM a good team player. But first I have to be allowed on the team. It is obvious that something was obviously said to the pack recently about this because I did notice that I get a hello grunt from some of them in the morning. But it has been clear for a really long time that either there is no team, or if there is, I’m just not welcome in it.

Assessment question #4

But where do I see or want to see myself in the next year? Next 3 years? Next 5 years? I used to think it was here. This is where I wanted to be until I retired. I’ll tell you that my goal used to be that I would keep working investigative cases, building up the image of this Police Department in this community and having fun while doing it. I would have liked to have become a Commander at some point, and eventually even Chief someday.

But I just went through a hellish year of being legally harassed bya certain citizen . The City negligently released every scrap of personal information about me, my daughter, my medical information, everything to that nut job and I didn’t even get an apology from the City. No one sat me down to explain what was going to be done to fix it. Or how they would keep it from happening again. Or how it happened in the first place.

And my father died a drawn out death a few months ago. No one working here at the time asked how I was doing. I came in to some flowers on my desk the day after I got back, but they were from my friend who does not work for the City.

I don’t bake cookies to leave for everybody in the lunch room anymore. I’m not fun or chatty inside the office anymore. But I still do my job.

Assessment question #5

Consistency and accountability get mentioned often and are the top priority given. I would like to see a more specific explanation of exactly what accountability means and how it will be applied consistently among all employees. So far this year I have seen that an anonymous letter from a current employee as well as another from a disgruntled former employee with an agenda can cause me to have to justify and explain myself repeatedly without even the benefit of seeing the letters. If I am going to have to explain and justify myself at a moment’s notice in response to any complaint against me, I should have the benefit of knowing who it is from and have the opportunity to appropriately confront the source of the complaint. Frankly, I have had enough frivolous and faceless complaints lobbed at me this year without the City adding to it. Officers being allowed to anonymously complain about someone different from them does not equal accountability or consistency.

I would also like to see the City work more to hire candidates that more accurately represent the Community we serve. I’m tired of being the only one who stands out as different as the mold. The person doesn’t even have to be a female. Just any candidate who is not a white, 30 something, straight, politically conservative male. Anything. I’m tired of being the only one who stands out as different from the rest of the officers working here. I believe diversity is important, especially since the climate in law enforcement is currently unlike anything that has been seen since perhaps the 1960’s.

Assessment question #6

What do I feel I need from Police/ City Administration, as we collectively work to address weaknesses, and assist in achieving my career goals and aspirations?

Finally, if the City/Administration does not have faith in me to move up in this agency, or if there is nowhere to move up to, I would ask that someone just tell me so and why. I deserve to know that. I would rather start working in a plan how to move on rather than the loneliness that comes with the stagnation of just waiting….just waiting in a waiting place.