Inspector Clouseau er…. Coblantz at Your Service

I don’t know why but in reading the new public records I keep hearing the theme song from the Pink Panther and seeing the bumbling inspector Clouseau, the only difference is that this is real, not some silly movie or cartoon.


I’m not sure if Coblantz has been watching too many spy movies or if he was trying to get a little something with Sgt Batiot. He has taken far more then any professional interest in Batiot and this case, to the point of being absolutely inappropriate.

Why is he driving Ms Batiot to court? Does she not know how to drive (sober) or is he using this as a way to get a little too close.

Evidently he also hasn’t done much investigating of anything, he just take Batiot’s word about anything she says and what officer doesn’t know what a SLAPP suit is? Maybe if he would’ve actually read further he could’ve figured it out.

As for his assertion that he is going to meet with a King County District Court DPA to see if this case can be considered for “Global Prosecution” it would almost be funny if he wouldn’t have taken the predicate act to try to accomplish this end…


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Domestic spying on a US Citizen, a law abiding, tax paying citizen should scare the crap out of everyone.

This also explains why the DOJ has never stepped in to combat or control the corruption in Snohomish County. They are just as guilty if not more of abuse of authority against it’s very own citizens.

This was not a matter of National Security, this was a civil, not criminal matter, this is against the law.

This sadly is our own Government abusing it’s authority. With the recent hackings of so many companies and govt branches what if someone else got a hold of a certain citizen’s personal info? Info they had no legal authority to share.
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I believe it was Mike Carter from the Seattle Times who called a certain citizen delusional, said she was making up the fact that her personal info was being shared by Interpol and that she was being tracked, said she was just plain wrong because stuff like that didn’t happen….


I’d think he might like to issue an apology to a certain citizen because as the saying goes “Crow pie is a lot easier to eat while it’s warm” but this is not the first time that these reporters have discounted Ms Block’s assertions and been 110% absolutely wrong.

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