The Mount Index Riversites Community Club – Bridge-Gate Trolls

No we don’t mean this kind

We mean these kind

Along with many of John Pennington’s failures with mudslides, I was looking up the Mount Index slides.

You probably haven’t heard of them, unless you’re from up north but there have been quite a few slides in that area.

A January 9th slide this year seemed to go on until late February while crews were trying to restore power and rebuild the road.

Another slide that started possibly around November of 2013 brought another promise on March 10th 2014 where Pennington said he was providing Index with an emergency declaration. Sadly the Oso slide occurred several weeks later

Index-Galena Rd – MP 5.8 – Slide Repair

August 25, 2014 Update
The slide has been repaired, and both travel lanes are open. Only one lane was available while the road was damaged. Scarsella Brothers, Inc.repaired the slide.

Index-Galena Rd MP 5.8 BEFORE construction

Index-Galena Rd MP 5.8 before construction

Index-Galena Rd MP 5.8 AFTER construction

Index-Galena Rd MP 5.8 after construction
Index-Galena Road is located along the Skykomish River in the Mount Baker – Snoqualmie National Forest in southeast Snohomish County. During a storm event in the spring of 2011 a landslide occurred at mile post 5.8 outside the Town of Index. The landslide was approximately 160 feet along the roadside shoulder.During 2014 a Public Works project stabilized the roadway embankment with construction of a 160-foot long by 40-foot wide railroad buttress. A railroad ballast foundation was installed with layers of geogrid to provide stability. Several finger drains (trench drains) were constructed of railroad ballast (rock) at the base of the proposed buttress to help direct water away from the slide. The slope was covered with mulch and topsoil, and seeded with a native planting mixture.


Well the area has something: We say something because even the Snohomish County Judges can’t decide what it is called Mount Index Riversites Community Club. Either they are a club or a homeowners association.

They have formed themselves as a “non-profit” and are demanding dues from members, even though they are not considered an HOA, and putting liens on people’s homes and properties via Anderson Hunter law firm. I believe they have over 14 different liens against folks who live in the area, possibly more.


The inconsistency of prior Superior Court rulings involving MIRCC frankly makes the Court’s Expert’s charge more difficult: The 1994 King County Casnik Stipulated Judgment suggested that MIRCC has no right to impose road maintenance assessments against the defendants in that case; the 2000 Snohomish County Knight Decision held that MIRCC’s By-Laws are not enforceable covenants; the 2001 Snohomish County Thompson Decision held that MIRCC is a homeowners association, that all Mount Index Riversites property owners have a duty to pay road maintenance assessments, and that an equitable contribution for road maintenance is not dependent upon how much an owner uses the Mount Index Riversites road system; the 2004 Snohomish County Wynne Decision held that MIRCC is not a homeowners association and that the By-Laws cannot be used to force payment of road maintenance assessments, but that owners have an obligation to maintain the portion of the roads they use. It cannot go without notice that one Snohomish County Superior Court judge has declared MIRCC to be a homeowners association while another has held that it is not. For the purposes of this Report, the Court’s Expert will operate on the basis that MIRCC is not a homeowners association

The MIRCC has decided it will do whatever it wants, and has skirted around most of the prior rulings, about these illegal gates.

Gates that they had no prior authorization to put down that restricts landowners access to their property and require a 6 page document to have access to your own property.

One just built and one built over a year ago after they were expressly ordered not to do so

They were ordered to take the gate with guard shacks down within 60 days on September 19th but still have not done so.

So you have to ask yourself:

Why make a land grab for properties and land that is literally falling down around you?

Don’t worry, it gets stranger

This complaint about PUD building a bridge from a whistleblower shows that PUD has a vested interest in land and has since the 1980’s in order to produce a hydro-electric damn.

The only non-monetary reason I can really think of for Klein to participate in something like this is ego. Mr. Klein is very legacy aware and it would appear he has an insatiable hunger to be famous in the utility industry. He is a driven man and willing to put forth relentless effort to ensure that he is a nationally renowned leader on Renewable Resources and Green Energy. It’s a personal quest he has been on for decades as evidenced by the shenanigans around the proposed Sunset Falls project which date back to his time with Tacoma Power and extend to the present day. Think about it… What business did the PUD really have in funding a bridge to Mount Index Riversites? The “goodwill” investment of the District begins to make more sense when you realize that Mr. Klein has personally been after a generation project there since the 1980’s.

This bridge seems to be a “Gift of Public Funds” according to civil engineer Bill Lider (pages 7 through10). PUD doesn’t seem to want to share their public documents so you have to go to the link to read the pages.

There is something rotten in Index, and it is far more than just an illegal homeowners association.

Not only is the law firm of Anderson Hunter involved but so is Windermere Properties.

There is also the matter of something I read online that I can’t find now but it was about houses being red tagged by the county that weren’t in any eminent danger, and PUD drilling and digging a tunnel in that same area right before one of the slides for the Sunset Falls Penstock type of dam.

So why do they keep violating court orders, and building gates? I’m not sure but for some reason they seem to be having Pat Slack from the Snohomish County Regional Drug Task Force in these same meeting where they decide such things. WHat does he stand to gain from this and why would he be involved?

This is barely scratching the tip of the iceberg here, there is far more to this story and much of the transactions I don’t really understand. I will be following up with more stories about this as I try to figure out what else is going on but if any of our readers have any special knowledge of what these transactions are please shoot me an email meanwhile, I’ll keep digging.