Lovick's Ego Strikes Again

Evidently John Lovick is reading from the same playbook as Aaron Reardon as far as county business.
If you are his buddy, he will create a job for you where none existed.
He will also bump up your salary as a thank you at the expense of county taxpayers.
Rules be damned, the fact that he doesn’t have the true authority to do this is of no consequence to Mr Lovick, he’ll do what he wants. In true politico fashion.
KOMO 4 reports… Lovick’s office last fall bumped Bhagat’s salary to about $105,000, from about $86,000. Lovick’s spokeswoman Rebecca Hover says they still believe her raise was appropriate but decided to resolve a situation that had turned “toxic” for her and others.
Toxic as in: Others who work just as hard, maybe harder, who aren’t Mr Lovicks minions are voicing their concerns over how unfair and illegal this is. Those that refuse to bow down, or kowtow to the inter-office politics should be commended.
So let’s refresh here, if you are in the favor of our county executive you:
Get pay raises at his will
Get to threaten co-workers and other staff (no worries the taxpayers have to pay for their defense)
Get cushy new jobs just for being his friend
Maybe I should run for the County Exec’s position

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