Lynnwood Police Dept: Shoot First, Ask The Dead Man Questions Later

Well it seems the Lynnwood Police have killed another mentally disabled young man.

An inquest by the SMART Team will clear the officer of all charges in an inquest next year and life will go on.

Well except for Jeremy Dowell. Now he’s not here to tell us what happened to him.

Picture from 2011 from his facebook profile

We know that the call came in at 9:40 a.m. of a man acting erratically, and by 9:48 am that young man’s life was ended. SO about 4 minutes of travel time, and in another 4 minutes a man with a gun made a decision to end the life of a man with a knife.

He didn’t just shoot him once, he shot him 5 times. I guess they have to make sure he couldn’t come back and sue them.

Here is the “Press Release

There are no protests, no outrage, and no “associations” coming to his defense. He was a white man.

No one deserves to die at the hands of licensed murderers. This man was obviously mentally ill, they could’ve tased him, they could’ve used rubber bullets, they could’ve even maced him several times in that 4 minutes but instead they chose to execute him. On the streets of America.

Tell me: Who are the real terrorists in this country? Who is it we should really fear?

This is exactly why we need to have the word malice taken from the laws in this state that ensure that no matter how blatant of an execution there was, officers are very rarely charged with the murder of it’s citizens.

Not much incentive to not kill people when you get a years worth of paid leave and no one can touch you. Can you see where that is the problem?