Welcome The Newest Brady Cop – Lori Hoffer Harris Batiot

Public Records protect the citizens and it is not something we can afford to lose, or have whittled away to nothing.

In this case we have an unqualified barista who became a cop up in Ferndale, got into a wreck drunk and did something to their police dog (we are not sure the dog survived the accident) in a police issue vehicle.

Then she gets hired at the city of Brier, gets 2 more DUI’s and plays the woman card when they don’t give her way and sues the city blind.

Next she ends up at the city of Duvall, playing the full on woman card for the last 8 years.

When she’s not busy lying to the courts and getting false restraining orders (for free) because she knew we were on to her, she is busy lying to investigators.

Funny how she went from thinking she was going to be the next police commander to being on paid administrative leave (yes taxpayers are still footing her bill) that’s what lying and conniving gets you.

She tried to throw so many people under the bus with these recordings it was like a character massacre. Everything was everyone else’s fault from the Mayor, Men, The Rotary Club and a local citizen for finding out the truth about her. The stark change from her first interview to the 2nd one is almost amusing, once she knew she had been caught using other emails, and trying to steal contact lists and documents from the city, she knew that she was done for and developed a sudden case of amnesia…


You would’ve thought that she would’ve been on the Brady Cop list from the City of Ferndale but she and many other officers aviod it by resigning, and joining a new police force as we have seen with many other problem officers throughout our state.

This latest public records release has finally given us hope that if you keep after someone that you can make sure that these cities and counties follow the law and make sure that the correct people are Brady listed.

In defense of Duvall, and their police dept: They all stepped up to hold her accountable, and removed her from Public Service as soon as they believed there was a problem and they followed all the correct steps to ensure that they themselves were following the law.

Once they discovered there was a problem they immediately put her on leave and asked for an outside agency to investigate.

They also saved the taxpayers possibly millions of dollars because she was playing the scorned woman card because she is the only female police officer (which is very common in smaller agencies) like she did to the city of Brier.

The Lake Forest Park Police Department was also very smart in using a female officer to interview her, she couldn’t pull her helpless woman act on another female officer who put in the actual work to get to where she is at. That was brilliant.

It has finally backfired on her.

The investigation found that she was untruthful, finally. During her first recorded statement she also lied numerous times. We are going to send the proof to all who were involved in her internal investigation

The beauty of this is that the city’s law firm Kenyon Disend, knew full well that this woman was on paid leave for dishonesty, yet they continued to enter statements from this woman against a citizen and file motions which means that everything they filed was done in bad faith and without merit… but I’ll get to them later.