Missing And Endangered Antonio Neill

Antonio was last seen on the afternoon of December 12th 2016 It appears he may have just fallen off the face of the earth.

The evening before he went missing he had a friend come and pick him up after spending the day with his mom.

She had ordered him a new phone because around November of 2016 his car had been stolen with his wallet and phone inside. He had some issues with a warrant and went and turned himself in. She had also taken him to the Dept of Motor Vehicles to get his ID that day.

Antonio had some issues with drugs but was trying to straighten up his life and get his affairs in order. Sadly while he was in jail a girl that he had been seeing who claimed that he was the father of her newborn left him after he turned himself in, in Noovember

His mother said that he was upset about the situation when he was released in December, but not despondent (mostly because he was simply trying to do the right thing, thinking he was the father of this child.)

The same person who picked him up would later be named by roommates as someone who “might’ve done something to Antonio” but he was given a lie detector test where he currently resides at the Monroe State Prison and was cleared as a suspect.

Antonio’s mom had him as a teenager and they were very close, even in his struggles he made sure to call his mom every day because he knew how much she worried about him. In his 23 years of life, even through his trials he made sure not to make his mother worry as much as he was able to.

Antonio has not made contact with anyone, and he was the textbook example of a social butterfly, anyone who knew him or met him loved him. Even when some got angry with him they still loved him.

He has not accessed his Facebook, or any other social platforms, he has not called home, none of his lifetime friends have heard from him and until recently there have been no sightings of him.

There was supposedly one in downtown Seattle but it doesn’t appear to be him.

There are several theories but so far none of them have panned out.

One being he may have gotten into a confrontation with the ex or one of the other men she was seeing, or he may have known who stole his car and gotten into a confrontation with them, or he may have gotten into a fight and gotten a head injury.

Anyone with information is asked to call the police, either the Everett Police who have an active homicide w/o a body investigation going on, or the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, who are also still actively investigating the case.

6/26/2017 EDIT: Antonio’s mother wanted to clarify that the Snohomish County Sheriff is actively and aggressively investigating this matter as well. She advised contacting them directly.

The Everett investigation has stalled out because there haven’t been any further leads and the Detective who is  in charge of the investigation, suggested to his mother that maybe he just jumped into the river, stating that they don’t even find boats that go down in there.

That is a horrible thing to say to a mother just because your case stalled out

Anyone who is missing a family member or a friend needs to remember that if you do not persist that certain agencies will not continue to investigate, especially if they have any kind of criminal record.

These pictures are all that this mother has of her son when she should be able to hold him, to see him and she deserves to know where her child is.

His mother lost her own brother whom Antonio was very close to and now she is dealing with the disappearance of her son and the loss of her brother. He passed away when Antonio was in jail

If you have any info but are scared to come forward you can send it to me and I will forward it in such a way as to protect you too.