WSBA in Trouble Again

Peeling back another layer of the rotten onion that is the Washington State Bar (Association/Club) with yet another not so flattering headline

Former bar president used law firms’ credit cards for gym, political donations

It seems to be a straightforward story but if you actually do more then just read it it is more then strange.
It seems the WSBA has already wiped her off their site, but this is the cached info

When I heard about this newest storm brewing last Friday I set out to gather a few records because as always with these situations there is always more to the story.

So who did Robin Haynes donate to?

Well it is a shell PAC that donates to other committees, that donate to other PACS and so on and so on.

But if you look hard enough you can find the intended candidates easily enough

The only one I couldn’t find was Judge Mann, but I’ll post it once I find the trail.

Anyway, Justice Mary E. Fairhurst, Justice Debra L. Stevens, and Justice Mary I.Yu, are of special interest and possibly the reason why 3 different law firms were hesitant to speak out about Robin Haynes because Ms Haynes has a “very special relationship” with them Justice Steven Gonzalez and Justice Mann.

When I was told about the possibility of this happening I went on a search for her records and connections.

I found a social platform where she had numerous pictures, some downright raunchy, but most alarming some in personal situations with the Justices listed above.

Today I went on another search for something I had seen earlier and got this

Seems she realized about 3 days too late that she had some very questionable pictures on her instagram, but no worries I “kind of” saved them. All you have to do is hit the “Cached” option in google and all of the pix show up for atleast 24 hours so she just made it private yesterday sometime.

So when she is not misappropriating money from whatever law firm she is working for she is busy getting drunk and partying with them or sucking up to them to get them elected (and possibly herself elected)

Please keep in mind that these posting are from 2013 to 2017 so she has been laying the platform to rise to the top of the WSBA for quite some time with the help of a few of the highest judges in this state.

So will she be charged? Will she be disbarred? Nope, it seems she has enough info to destroy them all, but they will slowly eat her.

They will discredit her, (done), then they will destroy all of her connections.

All of these judges will do everything in their power to get away from any association with her, down to returning the donations she made in her and various firms names.

In looking at her instagram when it was open and her other social platforms, it seems that she goes through men like toilet paper so her only chance anymore is to find one she can quietly hide behind that can support her drinking and shopping habits, change her name and get out of the spotlight.

I’m not sure why she threw everything away, at first I thought she was being set up but in going through the records it appears that she believed she was bulletproof, that no one could touch her and that she was entitled to do anything she pleased.

What I don’t understand is how a person who is the registered agent for marijuana grow operations, along with many other “side” businesses could’ve become the Governor of the WSBA.

Then again a disgraced lobbyist Geoffrey Gibbs also became the Governor and is still their treasurer so I guess the bar is set pretty low.

How much do you want to bet that her pilfered gym membership was for one of the companies listed below?