OP/ED Going to Hell in a Handbag

I don’t know about my readers but when I get a break to slow down and actually read this paper, I get so depressed that sometimes I actually cry.

I am an empath, in the truest sense. I can not hear a story without feeling someone else’s pain or fear, I can’t just gloss over the evening news without a second thought. I literally visualize it, live it and feel it. It is a hard way to live but it is who I am.

We have so much corruption going on from SnoCo, to the Governor, to Olympia, our judiciary, our elected leaders, and the root of all evil in this state: the WSBA.

It appears we have several serial killers in our midst, and dozens of other murders that should raise some eyebrows, yet nothing is ever said, and nothing is ever done.

We’ve got bodies at the morgue that no one has heard about, and when I ask the coroner I get denials, when I have pictures of them hauling bodies out.

The police aren’t even taking or gathering up evidence in many of these murder cases, seriously I have been shown items used in a couple of these murders that should’ve been gathered up. It’s almost like they are trying to throw these cases for some reason.

The dirty cops are terrorizing people and they have no one to call to help them. These people have the police, feds, and the legal system rigged for them.

I hope that you don’t believe from what I write here, that these agencies are corrupt as a whole and in their entirety. There are still good people who show up every day and try to do some good in spite of the corrupt ones.

One of them has stepped out from the shadows and is telling me how things are run and who is in charge and the other connections. It is enlightening and disheartening at the same time. I have uploaded all of the documents and pictures up to a couple of activists sites so none of it will be lost and I will be doing a series of stories about how certain people get their houses, and kickbacks.

FYI: Coming after me will do no good and my source is also safe so you know the deal, if I don’t resave everything it self publishes if I’m not there to stop it and our server has 18 firewalls so good luck with that.

I get the phone calls, letters, emails or meet up with what is left of human beings living in fear, addicted to drugs who have carried so much for so long. I always wonder if their confessions to me are a last chance for them to clear their conscience so they can end their fear and their sadness, and I cry for them.

In their eyes I see my own children, and though most of these kids don’t have a soul who cares if they live or die, I do, I want to save them all: from the bad things… from themselves.

I have to see some of these people in person, or on the news, who are molesting their kids and others and I can’t jump up and scratch out their eyes because it would put their victims in harms way. I know of women who get beat every night and I can not help them or make it stop.

The animals that have suffered at the hands of these monsters, the children, the men, the women: I see them all in my dreams, every night. So not only do I carry my own pain but I carry theirs too. I have long given up getting any justice for myself or my animals but I can still fight for others, and I will, until I die.

A while back a group of us got one kid entirely out of the country and they sat down and gave me an interview where they told me how the drugs are run here and why Snohomish County is so important to the drug trade between the US, Canada and Mexico.

There was a big issue with the language barrier and some of what they said I didn’t understand. I got someone to download it for me again so I could listen to it again last night after our newest source came forward and I realized that they told me so much more then I actually heard or understood.

One thing in particular that sticks out the most is the word  “Infermio” which I thought was their opinion of the leaders of the drug trade here because I had assumed they meant the police, they did and they didn’t.I thought that word meant fire but it means Hell.

I assumed that the police were the ring leaders but now I realize that the police and a few judges are nothing more then patsies for someone else, someone bigger and stronger. Up to this point I didn’t even realize the Judges had anything to do with any of this but it all makes perfect sense now.

I now understand why my Uncle quit the police force and what info that he had hidden away, and it makes perfect sense now why we have so many Brady Cops in Snohomish County. They are easy to manipulate, they are already dishonest and they have everything to lose. The next breed of folks involved in this are the ones who have over extended themselves or are so deep in debt they’d need a back hoe to get out of it and of course there are those who are just greedy.

Remember I am an accountant: You can fudge figures around but it always comes out in the wash: always.

Now that I know how the money is being scrubbed, where and by whom it’s about to get hot in Hell and just to be clear my only interest is in the County, Appellate, and US District Judiciary, County and City Lawyers, and various Law Enforcement. I have no beef with anyone else nor do I care to because those same people saved my life many times as a child. There is more then one way to accomplish my goals, I just have to sit down and figure out how I am going to go about it so no one else gets caught in the crossfire