David “Doc” Webster and the Life he Left Behind

It always bothers me when a human being is referred to as “a body”.

That body was a life, has a history, has a past and most times had a future that will never be realized. The outpouring and the letters and the phone calls that I have received about David Webster makes it very apparent that he was more then just “a body found in a swamp”

Dave Webster

Everyone who has contacted me or that I have contacted have all said that there is no way that David robbed Christi Simpson

Christi Simpson

A woman without a pot to piss in that is sleeping on the street with a tiny dog, who is a known thief and drug addict herself. She claims she let his body lay there for days, being moved around like trash because this same guy who was supposed to be “defending her” threatened her. She is an accomplice to murder, not a victim.

David Webster was also a drug addict, he was also a veteran with PTSD, he also got almost 5,000 a month and the day this woman claimed she was “robbed” was a day when David went to his protective payee and got his money – 300.00

He had no reason to rob anyone, as a matter of fact he was the one who paid off drug debts, and got beat because of these women

Rosemary Gutterrez

Rosemary Gutierrez.

Kelly Van Meter

Kelly VanMeter

Rosemary was constantly talking David into telling his protective payee that he needed extra money but it was just so she and others could get their drugs. Kelly “Star” VanMeter was a girl David tried to help even calling her his adopted daughter, and there were many times that David himself got beat and robbed to pay off their drug debts. He was like that according to everyone who ever knew him or met him. He took the heat, took the beatings and tried to help everyone else.

So this man James D. Archer would have you believe that he tied David Webster to a tree and beat him to death for 300.00 dollars that belonged to a homeless woman who barely had 30 dollars, ever.


On the same day as David picked up his own money.

I am not excusing David Websters drug addiction, but he was a veteran who fought for the right for me to write, and for others to speak freely, who needed help, who needed counseling.

Yet somehow through his own pain he could love others so fiercely that he would take a beating for someone else, or that he would spend all of his own money to save someone else from getting killed.

This is the price, the very real cost of throwing away people in our society. I keep looking at his picture, reading how he died and I can feel his fear, and his pain. I wonder if he thought that this was just going to be like the other times and he could slink away and heal his wounds. I wonder if he thought about his daughter and his grandchild.

Ironically he had tried to get out of here twice, he went to Longview for a while but for some reason came back and last month he took a train to Spokane to go be with his daughter but no one was there to meet him so he came back, a decision that would end his life

David Webster can no longer speak for himself, but when homeless people line up at the library to contact me and pitch their money in together to buy phone minutes to call me, or pool their money to come to my office, to tell me what a wonderful human being he was: Well I have never seen anything like that ever. I have to believe them and I have to speak for them and for him.

Doc didn’t steal anything from anyone, that man robbed him and not only took his money but he took his life away from him and all of those who obviously loved and cared for him… That was just an excuse that that man used to try to justify the brutal theft of life.