Snohomish County Jail Bleeding Taxpayers Dry

According to an article in the Herald the Snohomish County Sheriff’s office has so far cost the taxpayer 3,345,000 so far, in less then 2 years but there is far more then that and most of the monies seem to be bleeding from the Sheriff’s office failure to comply with the public records act.

I think the Council needs to vote the jail back into the County Executive’s Office management.

Aaron Reardon warned taxpayers about handing the jail over to the Sheriff but no one listened.

In reality this move has cost us about 24 million with much more pending litigation.

Deaths soared at the jail once the Sheriff took over and they seem to care more about trying to bring money in from other agencies.

They are letting child rapists and child molesters go free so they can get some extra money from their contract with the city of Seattle.

The sexual harassment claims are part of the Sheriff’s office since they have taken over the jail and the youth center, so add the millions those investigations and lawsuits have cost us.

It’s like the lunatics are running the asylum.