Pedophiles and Perverts Running Snohomish County

Sexual harassment, attempted rape, child rape… Just another day at the City of Everett and Snohomish County.

One has to wonder how many of these charges were settled behind closed doors, and every time they are there is a tidy “no-disclosure” clause added so we’ll never know…

Craig Ladiser was let go with a nice settlement package after he attempted to rape a lobbyist from the master builders association, even though they tried to stop her from reporting it, she stood up for herself anyway.

Ron Gipson is a city of Everett Council Member and a worker at the Denny Youth Center who has been the focus of an internal investigation on numerous occasions each one costing taxpayers over a million dollars. Lets hope his attendance at council meetings has improved since his year and a half taxpayer funded vacation

Then our city of Everett Prosecutor Michael Fisher aided and abetted a wanted child rapist with a felony warrant to get his girlfriend to testify against me for a 1000.00 citation because we all know that getting back at a citizen who has blown the whistle on the cruelty at the Everett Animal shelter is far more important then protecting our children.

Not to be outdone our City of Everett Fire Chief Pete Vier is not too busy trying to molest little girls to costs taxpayers 100’s of thousands of dollars with a medicare fraud scheme

So I guess the feeling is that the city paid off these women so they are going to let Ron Gipson come back to work. It is all being blamed on the Union contracts but it is more then that. It’s the good old boy club at it’s finest. They figured he got spanked a little bit and now they can just sweep it under the rug. Mark my words, once he is back 1 or more of these women is going to get fired for something trivial. Such is the way of life in our county.

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