See How They Run…

I came home to this on My Everett News:

Snohomish County Deputy Executive Suddenly Resigns

My first thought was Woo Hoo, then I became a little afraid for myself and finally I started to wonder what “the angle” was.

Of course Lovick didn’t miss a step and blamed all of the problems he created on the County Council.

Together with Lenda we will work on our 2016 proposed budget, which will include restoring reserves depleted by the County Council and addressing wage growth for our many dedicated and talented employees,”

Even more interesting is the fact a local blog broke the story that “Mr Public Records Requester” was in fact a county employee…


We have received the information back from WebQA that you requested. The IP Address for all three requests received on June 18, 2015 from Mr. Public Requestor is

This request is now closed.

If you have any further questions please contact me.

Thank you,

Teri Lawrie

Public DisclosureAdministrative Assistant

Then we have all the nonsense at the Port of Seattle where a citizen was illegally tracked and Mr Ericks being a former US Marshall would have the connections to make this happen

As if all of this isn’t strange enough we have the Politician’s new Exodus to state govt.

In the past few weeks we have Senator Brian Hatfield stepping down, given a cushy job by Governor Jay Inslee.

Not to be left out we have Representative Ross Hunter also given a nice Government job in early learning education by Governor Inslee

Add to that a State Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles decides to take a massive step down to run for King County Council…

So why do I mention this? They have all been connected to:

SnoCo County Executive Aaron Reardon, (Gone)
Senator Nick Harper, (Gone)
Senator Joseph Zarelli, (Gone)
Representative Ed Orcutt,
Senator Steve Hobbs,
Judge Marlin Appelwick,
Judge Mary Kay Becker,
Judge J Robert Leach,
Representative Jim Jacks,
Senator Tracey Eide,
Commissioner G. Geoffrey Gibbs,
SnoCo DEM John Pennington,
Mark Ericks, (Gone)
SnoCo Exec John Lovick,
Senator Marko Liias,
Senator Jim Hargrove,
Senator Norm Dicks, (Gone)
Representative Doc Hastings, (Gone)
Cathy McMorris Rodgers,
Pam Roach,
Cheryl Pflug,
Governor Christine Gregoire,
Representative Roger Goodman,
Senator Jennifer Dunn,
Senator Patty Murray,
(And many many more we have information regarding corruption on)

All of whom served in the legislature in some fashion or another some as reps, some as senators, some as lobbyists, some on the shirttails of others to gain appointments.

I have a sneaking suspicion that my new batch of public records (my 3rd Installment) is going to yield some more information for our readers.

There is another possibility in regards to a FOIA against Mr Ericks but that is for another person to tell.

My money is on the illegal tracking of a US citizen through International Airspace and Mr Records Requester

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