Purrfect Pals needs your help: It’s kitten season once again


Purrfect Pals Mews-Letter

Spring 2015

Litters of Kitten in Need are Arriving on our Doorstep Every Day!


Earlier this week, one of our partner shelters contacted us for help with four litters of newborn kittens and their mamas. This morning, we picked up this car load of kitties and they are now headed home with loving foster families! Some have tested positive for FIV, others are underweight and all need several weeks of medical care and TLC before they will be ready to find forever homes.

More litters of kittens in need are arriving on our doorstep daily, even earlier this year because of our mild winter. A longer kitten season means just one female cat has the ability to give birth to THREE litters between April and October. Since a litter averages five tiny ones, that translates to fifteen kittens born to just one cat. Multiply that and prepare for a flood of fur!

We think we’re ready for the furry flood gates to open but we’re really not. Certainly we have a stockpile of kitten food which some of you have generously contributed and that’s a start…but we need a lot more. We need a pile of cash reserves to assure a solid groundwork in place to welcome the expected flurry of furry ones. That means a full-time staff, foster care manager and assistants to find and train new fosters, staff and volunteers. Our veterinarian, Dr. Gray, along with her team of vet techs and assistants, provide medical exams, surgeries as needed and treatment for a variety of illnesses. We need to stock our veterinary clinic with vaccines, medication, prescription dry and canned kitten food, surgical supplies, microchips, litter and the other items necessary to prepare kittens and their mamas for adoption.

We know all too well – and you do too – that this doesn’t come cheap. We need your help, support and strength of partnership more than ever. If you haven’t given yet this year, please consider this your invitation to give a special gift. If you have already given, we would so welcome an additional contribution to get us through this difficult time. This isn’t a project that can wait or be delayed. We need your help now.

Please help us prepare for a busy kitten season by giving a gift today. Even small donations will make a difference. We are determined to end cat (and kitten!) homelessness in the Puget Sound region but can’t do it without the support of the cat lovers in our community. Please give or share this post today so we can save lives! Please give or share our campaign today!