Recall Goes Forward Against Mark Lindquist – No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

So now the powers that be (WSBA) are going after Mark Lindquist. I guess no one is safe, even more so if they are trying to protect the people and the laws of this state.

There is a big to-do over the fact that Mr Lindquist’s office over the attempted prosecution of a woman who married a known sex-offender and left her own kids alone with him as well as giving birth to a whole batch of victims for this man

How anyone could not see through any of that, or would fault someone for trying to convict a woman who clearly left her own children in harms way just to please a man, a man she knew to be a sex-offender is beyond me.

The next issue they keep bringing up is the fact that a lot of convictions from Pierce County have been overturned…

The one fact the local paper left out is the fact that of the 2 prosecutors who have filed whistleblower complaints against Mr Lindquist: It was mostly their convictions which were overturned. He most likely yelled at them for blowing the cases and they couldn’t deal with it.

Of the others, it could be said that it was because Mr Lindquist played it fair and square and the defendants lawyers knew how to get around the laws.

What concerns me most is the fact that they are making such a big deal out of the fact that Big Bad Mean Ol’ Mark was trying to protect children…

Pedophiles everywhere should be totally incensed. I guess someone has to stand up for their rights to abuse and molest children…

Here is a statement from Jared Ausserer

I can no longer allow the Tacoma News Tribune, through Sean Robinson, to continue to mislead the public and attack the integrity of the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office, and me directly.

I charged a woman because the evidence overwhelmingly established that she facilitated the sexual abuse of three young girls, and for no other reason.

This woman married a convicted sex offender, who acted out against her son from a previous marriage. As a result, she was a party to a dependency action where she was trained on how to protect her children while living with a deviant sex offender. She agreed not to allow her husband unsupervised access to her children.

This woman then not only allowed her sex offender unsupervised access to their daughter, but allowed unsupervised access to two other young girls. Her sex offender husband then raped all three girls and photographed them in a sexually explicit manner. This woman, by her own admission, walked in on her sex offender husband taking photographs of two of the girls. She did NOT report this to the police or the girls’ parents. She did nothing, and continued to leave the girls alone with her husband.

When her husband was arrested they searched the home computers and located an enormous amount of child pornography on her computers, along with naked photos of her. She was arrested and charged based on one of the photographs. It was later determined that the photograph was not her, and the criminal case against her was dismissed. She then sued Pierce County.

During discovery on her civil suit I was provided with information that supported charging this woman as an accomplice to the rapes and exploitation of these three girls. This information included the counseling records of her own daughter, where she disclosed that this woman walked in on her daughter being raped and photographed and did nothing, she observed her husband photographing one of the other girls and did nothing. She transported the girls to her house and would leave them alone with her husband.

For some reason the Tacoma News Tribune and Sean Robinson have repeatedly published articles suggesting that I have retaliated against this woman for suing Pierce County, and have intentionally withheld the facts supporting my decision. I charged this woman because of her actions in the abuse of these girls and for no other reason.

I have attached the affidavit I filed on this case to support everything that I have stated above. The facts contained in this affidavit were stipulated to by this woman’s attorney, yet none of this information was contained in any article. Please help me to inform folks the truth of this case by sharing.…/Affidavit_JaredAusserer.pdf…

Even more concerning is the fact that the folks that are trying to gather petition signatures are going to focus on minority and low income communities. Problem with that is some of those folks may not be registered to vote, or even here legally, and in some cases may not be able to vote so I hope that all of the signatures are challenged.

I have dealt with Mr Lindquist while I was in the early stages of fighting the city of Everett and though I have to admit that he is a bit intimidating he seemed to be absolutely amazed that they could use such dirty tactics although he couldn’t do anything about it the one thing that remained with me is that he was so incensed that the things that happened to me where happening at all.

I used to live in the Hilltop area of Tacoma, I still hit the floor when I hear fireworks or gunshots 16 yrs later. I would hope that folks would consider the work that the City and the County have done under Mark Lindquist’s tenure to make the city and county safer. I don’t think you could find one mother or father who is upset that their children are now safer walking down the street.

A credible source has asked me to look further into the people filing the “whistleblower complaints” it seems they have a whole closet full of skeletons and are not afraid of using their own positions of power to abuse the system.I’m going to open their closet doors and start counting bones: I promise you that.

Evidently Mr Lindquist did not back off of a case that was supposed to be thrown as a favor. I am still trying gather more evidence and then I will try to get a statement from Mr Lindquist.

Seems the WSBA doesn’t have their hooks into Pierce County the way they do in Snohomish County… must be hard for them.

I do take issue with his policies about releasing his emails and about using personal emails for work, that shouldn’t be happening. That is the issue I am dealing with myself up here in Sodom-ish County.

Have read the documents and it does sound like Mr Lindquist is a horrible boss, but that doesn’t make what he’s done illegal.

He as an elected official has the right to hire people he wants. He is also a politician and he wants to remain where he is and he can only do that on his merit.

I provided the links up above but I know for a fact that a lot of the information is not correct but I do have to give credit to the filers and the group involved, they mobilized pretty well. Attorney’s who didn’t win cases, DPA’s who want Mr Lindquist’s job and couldn’t win an election except by throwing the opponent under a bus. Brilliant plan really. Now let’s see how forthcoming 2 of them are about releasing their public records. Stay tuned for further updates.


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