Representatives Frank Chopp and Dan Kristiansen Killing Accountability Agencies

First it was the Public Disclosure Commission, then the Sunshine Committee, then the Commission on Judicial Conduct, and many others citizen protection agencies that died quiet little deaths, most of these agencies have been defunded or underfunded to the point where they are barely able to operate.

Now Frank Chopp and Dan Kristiansen are going after the big gun: The Washington State Auditor’s Office. (No surprise that the Kristiansen is from Snohomish County)

I knew something was up when they went after the state auditor with some non-sensical charges about keeping fees that were never guaranteed to be returned in the first place because evidently the Feds are so bored now they have to go after contractual disputes.

But it’s bigger then that…

We know that Speaker Frank Chopp snuck HB 2576 back in under the state budget to destroy the Public Records Act

If you understand all the backdoor deals going on you will once again see how the politicians blackmail these agencies and other politicians. Hans Dunshee made threat to the Auditor loud and clear in his latest house budget by giving the Auditor less then a week to come up with numbers that will cater to Mr Dunshee’s needs.

House Operating Proposed 2016 Supplemental Budget - PSHB 2376 - HOBill0222Dunshee.pdf 2016-02-23 11-18-31

Hans Dunshee has issued an ultimatum to the Auditor’s Office, they have to come up with some ridiculous figure about how much the public records are costing agencies or he will cut the budget for the state Auditor’s Office.

Jutte letter to House leadership_Page_1 Jutte letter to House leadership_Page_2

So will Troy Kelley protect the voters or protect his office? If he protects the voters he will lose funding which will leave most cities, counties and the state free to misappropriate money any way they want to so we will still not be protected either way.

Is this the kind of slimy tactics we need more of in Snohomish County? We just got rid of a decade of slime and somehow they want us to bring back more?

This is someone who will represent the “interests” of the politicians, his buddies and his wallet, NOT the citizens of Snohomish County.

This is why he was made house budget writer, because he will play dirty, he will cut funds to those most vulnerable and he will take down anyone who challenges his hopes and aspirations.

He is also willing to spend almost 5 million dollars to set his friends up in a “Public Disclosure Commission” when he could appropriate less then 1/2 of that and have all public records up on line by the end of the year.

Most of these people will claim it will cost more but I have spoken to companies who have this capability and they have said the state could be done for around 2 million with about 240K per year upkeep which is far less then we spend on public records lawsuits. (The 240K included costs for cities counties and the state)

House Operating Proposed 2016 Supplemental Budget - PSHB 2376 - HOBill0222Dunshee.pdf 2016-02-23 11-28-19

If you’d like to see how this man is set to grease all of his friends palms and destroy accountability here is his 302 page manifesto of destruction of our rights… AKA his new house budget.