Turning Tax Paying Citizens Into Criminals – Mark Roe and Brady Cops

2/24/2016 We just got an update that Mr Roe and Mr Fontenot had some unusually long quality bathroom time together and that Mark Roe has decided to sit in the courtroom to make sure that his latest victim is being railroaded right and proper. He never sits in on cases he is not trying unless he has a very personal stake in them. He must be worried about this one, he should be.

PLEASE NOTE: We have far more info and resources to share with you but since the county has parked on our page we don’t want to give them a head start to even further abuse this woman. We will release the rest of the horrifying records we have after her trial

In our last story I told you about David Fontenot – A Snohomish County Sheriff who is currently on the Brady list.

That should be enough to protect an innocent citizen from a cop who stole from a crime scene, and because of it had over 20 good cases against real criminals thrown out because of it, while he was sexually harassing women at work and lying on search warrants and other documents (which also led to more cases being thrown out)

Those kind of cops always end up here because they are useful to Mark Roe’s Office, they will say or do anything they are told to and the cops, prosecutors and judges will back them up. By any means necessary. Judge Eric Lucas, Judge Okrent, and Judge Downes, have all sealed his Brady Status in all of the cases he has testified in.

So what is the point of putting a cop on a list of known cops who are not trustworthy? I don’t know, there doesn’t seem to be one. It just makes sure we deal with the same corruption as we have for the past 30 yrs.

This is also a story about lapdog media that demonized a woman, essentially making sure she was convicted in the “Court of Public Opinion” by simply repeating the lies they were told…


The jury was hung so they didn’t get a conviction.

Now they are dragging her back into court to try to convict her this time.

In order to understand any Snohomish County Gang Attack you have to understand the mentality and the history. If you win in Snohomish County they go on a vicious attack against the winner, including stalking, defamation, and in most cases trumping up criminal charges on folks who most times have had no criminal past or background so they are not aware of how to even defend themselves.

She won a case against the Monroe School district in regards to her child being assaulted, after that she and her child were harassed so badly that she tried to get a protection order and the court instead gave it to the abusers.

Why? Well Cmdr AJ Bryant’s neighbor Kenneth Hoover superintendent of Public Instruction who resigned for abusing a disabled child asked him to help him out a bit: and he did:

So this woman Lori Shavlik owned several tanning salons, where there had been 2 smoldering type of fires at her property. One was caused by a candle for some reason placed by an employee between shelves. Which never actually resulted in a fire contrary to their assertions. The other started in a dryer vent, and that is where the county came in and claimed it was “Arson”

Never mind that 3 different expert witnesses claim there was no plausible way for Ms Shavlik to do what they said.

Nevermind that in the 1st day that 28 pictures were taken and none of them showed an accelerant

… until the very end of the day when a very polite person stuck a closed can of good off in the hole where the fire had been. Then one more picture with the goof off magically appears courtesy of none other then Officer Fontenot.




Now keep in mind that this fire happened in 2010 but Fontenot magically find 2 more disks in his desk and enters those into evidence in 2014




There is also the matter of them changing the witnesses statements




Enter Judge Michael Downes who seals Fontenot’s history of theft, harassment and dishonesty, so that no one can know the truth.

As I said they are dragging this woman back into court after they couldn’t frame her the first time even though 3 or 4 experts have said that the fire was not an arson 4 different ways and that she could not have possibly caused the damage they claim she did. They are also saying that there should’ve never been a ruling of arson in the first place as it lacked any elements of arson.




The Fire Chief for District #4 Ron Simmons has no fire investigation training or certificate, his last brush up course was in 2002. He claims in order to do this, this woman stuck her hand in a closed wall and then claimed she again stuck her hand in the bottom of that same enclosed wall and let a teeny tiny little fire… I wonder if she can put her hands through steel too

Then the other Officer that was involved in this investigation was Donald Loen

Former Wash. Cop 'Failed' Polygraph, Sues Over Job Loss - News - POLICE Magazine 2016-02-23 09-32-18


So if you’re following me so far we have 2 Brady Cops and unqualified Fire Chief with no formal training in fire investigations and no certifications doing a favor for a Monroe School Superintendent who is “retiring” from his 211K a year job because of a lawsuit alleging abuse of a disabled child, and for Lt Cmdr AJ Bryant all attacking an innocent citizen because she dared to challenge them.

Welcome to Snohomish County. For those of you who are interested they have this woman on trial right this moment. Snohomish County Courtroom 215  If you want to see and understand what it looks like when an innocent citizen is railroaded by the good old boys club I’d head up there so you can witness the death of our constitution as it plays out every day here.

The only hope this woman has is that she is in front of Judge Millie Judge, only 1 of 2 Judges we haven’t found any corruption on