Rethinking My Priorities

I watched the election results and it made me physically ill…

It seems that all of the years, all of the blood sweat and tears that I have put into trying to educate the public, to warn you about the foxes in our henhouse is nothing more then a joke.

56% of all registered voters didn’t even bother to get off their butts to vote.

Of the 44% who did some of those folks were just downright stupid – Yes I said stupid, some ignorant, some prejudiced and some just explainable.

Lets take a look at the preliminary numbers posted tonight

99,380 of you DON’T want transparency in govt, with lobbyists and big spending


47,441 people in this county do not want protection for our seniors or vulnerable adults presumably so they clean out mom and pop’s bank accounts with no oversight…snohomish-county-november-8-2016-general-election2

66,780 of you want to keep Citizens United to give corporations more protection and legal status as human beingssnohomish-county-november-8-2016-general-election3

87,456 of you do not want people to have common simple human rightssnohomish-county-november-8-2016-general-election4

65,470 of you do not want citizens to have a Public Advocate to help us navigate through govt red tape and other issuessnohomish-county-november-8-2016-general-election5

71,766 think Discrimination is still oksnohomish-county-november-8-2016-general-election7

116,882 of you have not been listening to anything about Patty Murray, a career politician who serves only special interests and her own.snohomish-county-november-8-2016-general-election8

106,267 of you were ignorant enough to keep this man at the highest office of our state, in spite of every failure in the roads, mental health, and other systems he is responsible for. A man who claims unemployment is down under his watch when he knows that homelessness is exploding because he hasn’t created jobs but people ran out of unemployment and have nothing now.snohomish-county-november-8-2016-general-election9

124,606 of you are keeping this lying thieving conniving cheat in office a man who slapped citizens in the face by destroying public records to cover up Oso. Nevermind all of the other illegal activities he has been caught up in, but you are supporting someone who spit right in the faces of the victims of Oso.snohomish-county-november-8-2016-general-election10

86,762 thought it’d be a great idea to support another John E Pennington buddy…snohomish-county-november-8-2016-general-election11

109,923 of you thought it would be a great idea to keep this ingrate in office, even after numerous investigations show he is nothing more then a pervert who “fixes” things for the highest biddersnohomish-county-november-8-2016-general-election12

21,641 ignorant people must’ve been living in a cave while Lovick drove the county almost into bankruptcy, with his scandal ridden tenure. snohomish-county-november-8-2016-general-election13

19,864 of you must not have access to news media of any kind, or have been the brunt of Mr Dunshee getting what he wants at all costs…snohomish-county-november-8-2016-general-election14

Evidently no one realizes how corrupt the Supreme Court is, or ever actually reads any of their rulings… We are talking about pedophiles, criminals, and low life legalized criminalssnohomish-county-november-8-2016-general-election15 snohomish-county-november-8-2016-general-election16 snohomish-county-november-8-2016-general-election17

85,106 of you thought it would be okay to put a Judge into office who is currently under investigation for dishonesty and fraudsnohomish-county-november-8-2016-general-election18

Surprisingly it seems the only progressive area is the city of Everett! I am as shocked as I have ever been. It is absolutely amazing…snohomish-county-november-8-2016-general-election19

77,973 of you don’t seem to want competitive wagessnohomish-county-november-8-2016-general-election

I put my life into this newspaper and honestly after seeing these results I thought about just shutting this down and finding something else to do or maybe just doing something for myself…

Then I got an email from a family member of a murder victim who thanked me for doing what I do.

So even though there are upwards of 124,000 idiots out there, there are still around 325,000 of you out there worth fighting for in this county

So I’ll keep doing what I do, and now I have another 2 to 6 years to make these corrupt pieces of garbage as miserable as they are. Watch them fall


Oh BTW in case you missed it Trump is now our President