Ron Gipson Everett City Councilman waste of tax dollars

Ron Gipson is a career politician and corrections officer at the Denny Youth Center and the leading force behind more than a few sexual harassment claims. His exploits would almost be amusing if he wasn’t terrifying these women and the problem is that when city workers can’t keep control over their primal urges it is us: The taxpayers, who have to pay for it.

So what do you do if you’re an Everett city councilman accused of these crimes (Oh and you’re African American) well you turn the tables and scream that everyone is racist.

Here is a guy who can’t even show up 1/2 the time for a part time job …but his punishment for that? He was chosen as the council president! You can’t even make this stuff up.

These women have been complaining for over a decade, it is not a big money making scheme, this has been an ongoing problem just as with every other agency in this county. Most of the men in power view this place as their own personal playground.

The costs are up to 350K for right now, trust me it is going to get much worse, and I am not sure the city’s insurance is going to keep covering them… as usual the city is in the midst of yet another 10 million dollar budget shortfall, as it has been under the leadership of Mayor Stephanson for the past 4 or 5 years.

Just as an example: The city council members end up spending about 12K to get elected to get a part time job that pays 8500.00 a year, there has got to be some other incentive their like getting your own full time jobs lots of cushy contracts like Shannon Affholter did but of course nothing happened to him, the disclosure commission did the same thing they did with Reardon: NOTHING

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