Understanding Law Enforcement in SnoCo

Some of my readers have had run in with the police all over the county, including myself, some deserved it, some didn’t some were treated unfairly, some weren’t. Police corruption is rampant through every dept in our county and there is never a shortage of stories to write about any of them.

One could argue that if these stories are making the news then someone is trying to do something about it and that seems like the logical conclusion but the problems go much further and deeper then anything that makes headlines

Here are just some of the stories out of this county

Former county deputy convicted of burglary
James Hager was charged in November in King County Superior Court after allegations surfaced that he stole a wood-burning stove, stove pipe and some cedar flooring from a vacation home in the Skykomish area. He was off-duty at the time….

Ex-cop makes first court appearance in sex case
A former Monroe police sergeant accused of grooming a young girl for a decade-long sexual relationship made a first court appearance Tuesday. Carlos Martinez, 58, faces charges of sexual exploitation of a minor, third-degree child molestation and voyeurism

Inmate alleges affair with officer
A Bothell woman who alleged in court last month that she was raped in the Snohomish County Jail by a corrections officer told police she’d had an affair with the man prior to her conviction in the molestation of three young girls

Former jail guard sent to jail for assault
A former Snohomish County jail guard was ordered to spend a year behind bars for sexual misconduct with a female inmate, as well as assaulting a Boeing co-worker after he was fired from the jail. Allan Hawkins, 36, was told Wednesday in Snohomish County Superior Court that he abused his position of authority in 2006 when he sexually assaulted an inmate while he was a guard

Fired prison employee gets 6-month term for sex with inmate
A former corrections officer is headed to jail for her relationship with an inmate at the Washington State Reformatory. A judge on Thursday sentenced Danette Skelton to six months in jail for having consensual sex with a prisoner while she was on duty in 2009

Everett cop fired after alleged relationship with teen
An Everett police officer was fired in February after he allegedly had a sexual relationship with a teenage girl.
Investigators believe former officer Brian Nelson, 40, met the teen through the school resource officer program, according to the termination letter

Guard charged with custodial sexual misconduct
A Snohomish County corrections officer is accused of providing a jail inmate homemade chocolate chip cookies in exchange for sexual favors. Prosecutors on Tuesday filed a felony charge against Abner Canda, 58. A former inmate, 22, has alleged that she and Canda had sexual contact while she was incarcerated at the county jail last year

Former Snohomish County planning director charged
Snohomish County’s former planning director Craig Ladiser was charged with sexually motivated assault Friday for a drunken incident last summer while playing as the guest of area builders in a golf tournament. A King County Sheriff’s Office investigation found that Ladiser, 59, exposed his penis and rubbed himself against the leg of a woman who works as a building industry lobbyist

Councilman Mark Olson won’t face charges in sex case
Everett City Councilman Mark Olson will not face charges stemming from an allegation he sexually assaulted a woman in his downtown law office in 2007.

Everett officer resigns after 3rd inquiry
A veteran Everett police officer resigned last month after a third internal investigation since 2000 resulted in findings of dishonesty and misconduct. Officer Robert Franklin quit April 16 after being informed of the Everett Police Department’s plan to fire him. The latest internal investigation began in October after a man filed a complaint alleging Franklin was engaging in an inappropriate relationship with the man’s wife. Both the woman and Franklin denied having a sexual relationship. He was again suspended and demoted in 2012 after acknowledging another romantic relationship. That woman told police that Franklin said he was divorced and that they had sex while he was on duty.

Corrections officer who assaulted co-worker resigns
A Snohomish County corrections sergeant who assaulted a co-worker last year agreed on Monday to resign. Jerry Dixon Jr. was accused of pulling a co-worker’s hair at the jail in September. He pleaded guilty Monday in Everett District Court to fourth-degree assault, a gross misdemeanor

Sergeant facing prosecution in prostitution case resigns
A Snohomish County sheriff’s sergeant who faces criminal prosecution for his ties to an alleged bikini-barista prostitution ring has resigned, officials said Tuesday. Darrell O’Neill, 58, was arrested in June for investigation of promoting prostitution and official misconduct. Everett police allege that he was tipping off the coffee stands’ owners to undercover operations in exchange for sexual favors.

Ex-Edmonds cop guilty in sex case
A former Edmonds police officer was convicted Thursday of having sex with a woman in his custody. Daniel Lavely is facing up to a year in jail. He will be required to register as a sex offender for a decade.

Does radio transmission reveal Deputy having sex on duty?
A recorded two-way radio transmission that sparked an investigation into whether a Snohomish County sheriff’s deputy had sexual relations while on duty. It happened in the early morning hours of September 19. Dispatch was communicating with one Snohomish County deputy when another male deputy accidentally keyed the mic on his radio. It was about a ten second transmission that sounded like a woman moaning repeatedly

Everett police officer charged in sex act, resigns from force
An Everett police officer has resigned from the force after being charged with sexual misconduct in an incident involving a woman Oct. 11. The charge was brought against Blaine E. Lassich, who resigned from the department in March, said Sgt. Boyd Bryant, Everett police spokesman. The incident reportedly took place after Lassich told the woman to get in the front seat of a patrol car, said Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Craig Matheson. He said Lassich then forced the woman to perform a sex act. The act was interrupted by a radio call, Matheson said, and the woman reported the incident to police shortly afterward.

The jail deaths are related to Police because all the corrections officers are in fact Snohomish County Officers as well & there have been almost 20 since the Sheriff took over operations at the jail

Statistically out of every 1 case that makes the news: 60 to 75 of them never do & are quietly settled behind closed doors or arbitrated away… ADD to that, that most times the first few complaints are either ignored or entirely dismissed because the people making the complaints usually have a drug & or criminal history

The Seattle Times was investigating over 400 cases of records mostly dealing with domestic violence by county & city leaders or employees, being sealed by corrupt court officials which is how they stumbled on former Sheriff Padilla’s history of domestic violence and theft of evidence

In the case of sexual assault less than 50% of rapes are ever reported, of those that are reported only 3% of those perpetrators will ever be convicted and go to jail. It is also not likely that most are going to report a cop. Would you?

People in a position of authority are well aware of these statistics, and so are predators. It is their “job” to know and understand their hunting grounds and their prey.

These unions keep these psychopaths on the job & endanger us all. Mountlake Terrace,  Everett, and Edmonds police depts have been trying for years to clean up their forces but the unions browbeat them with expensive litigation & inevitably keep these rogue officers on our our streets.

Yet Lake Stevens Gold Bar, and Monroe, police depts seem to be having sodomite festival. They will actually need their own full length stories to cover all of the going ons in each hamlet

It’s not much better at the Monroe State Pen where the inactions of employees got another officer killed: They were ALL reinstated & given back pay at taxpayer’s expense!

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