Seattle Weekly’s Take on Lindquist

Someone forwarded this story to me

The Storybook Rise of the Pierce County Prosecutor Takes an Ugly Turn

Great story and well done, no hatchet job by an obviously biased local  PR news paper

They managed to tell the story, good bad and indifferent, they also managed to let Mr Lindquist even comment.

They scary part of it is in the comments… (Courtesy of Loretta Lynn “Stand by your man’ Merrival)

It’s really a shame that this article left out so many important details. It reported Lindquist’s version of the Dalsing case but left out the fact that other jurisdictions had declined to recharge her, that Pierce County has a conflict and should not have filed, that Dalsing’s husband DRUGGED her so she would sleep during the time he abused the child, that the other two children said that Lynn definitely did not know, that the daughter’s interview was equivocal, etc etc etc. All this was known at the time that Ausserer refiled the charges. Vindictive prosecution is a highly unusual finding and it is the finding in this case.

Somehow she managed to forget to tell the world she herself had to get a restraining order against her own abusive husband, and that little truth about him and her (and his other) kids being drunk driving woman beating alcoholics too.

I have read all these documents and trust me this woman knew what was happening to her children, maybe not to the extent that the prosecutor believes but

Maybe it’s just easier to focus on someone else’s life, to point out all their flaws so you don’t have to face your own reality. It really is sad and it is a reality in women in abusive relationships, somewhat of a coping mechanism.

Anyway I’d go read the story, they didn’t sugarcoat anything, and it gives you a much clearer perspective as to what is going on. The only thing missing is a long hard look at his accusers.