We Now Know Why the Supreme Court Was Slinking Around Here…

Evidently the main person at the Supreme Court slinking around our paper is a Supreme Court Clerk, Ronald R. “Ron” Carpenter.

We wrote about it last week

Supreme Court Must be Worried About Something…

We managed to get a hold of Ms Block since that is who they were the most interested in and it seems that this guy tried to pull a fast one over on Ms Block and he was sliming around to see if she caught on.

They always seem to know when she is out of town and take those opportunities to screw with her. I guess she filed a motion of some kind (which she CC”d a few people in on for proof and Mr Howdy Doody tried to not file it by saying he hadn’t received it on time.

He then proceeded to scream at her and tell her he doesn’t care what she writes about him.

Obviously he does or he wouldn’t be looking.

I wonder how many other cases he has lied about (including mine) and screwed people out of the opportunity to have a fair trial or even be heard.

Welcome to the state of Washington

Oh and he ended up having to file it anyway… poor baby, he must be so upset now

Case Number: 2014852
Filing Date: 12-11-2015
Supreme Court

Event Date Event Description Action
12-11-15 Miscellaneous Motion Review Filed
12-11-15 Case Received and Pending Status Changed
12-11-15 Filing fee Received by Court