See who voted to protect Sex-Offenders

I just seen this post from a fellow activist:

  • Donna Zink · · Top Commenter · Works at Public Record Requester

    The dirty little secret that no one knows about is that law enforcement is actively hiding approximately 14,000+ sex offenders from public knowledge under the guise of the “Community Protection Act” with the blessing of Senator Pam Roach.

    SSB 5154
    Reg. sex or kidnap offenders
    Senate vote on 3rd Reading & Final Passage

    Yeas: 48 Nays: 1 Absent: 0 Excused: 0

    Voting Yea: Senator Angel, Bailey, Baumgartner, Becker, Benton, Billig, Brown, Chase, Cleveland, Conway, Dammeier, Dansel, Darneille, Ericksen, Fain, Fraser, Frockt, Habib, Hargrove, Hasegawa, Hatfield, Hewitt, Hill, Hobbs, Honeyford, Jayapal, Keiser, King, Kohl-Welles, Liias, Litzow, McAuliffe, McCoy, Miloscia, Mullet, Nelson, O’Ban, Padden, Parlette, Pearson, Pedersen, Ranker, Rivers, Roach, Rolfes, Schoesler, Sheldon, Warnick

    Voting Nay: Senator Braun


    SB 5154 is currently scheduled for a public hearing on March 13, 2015 at 10 a.m.

    So I’m getting mixed messages here. The Legislature wants to spend more money to find and prosecute child pornography viewers who often times sexually molest and rape children while at the same time passing SB 5154 which changes the “Community Protection Act” into the Sex Offender Protection Act.” Literally.

    If this bill passes all registration will be exempt from public disclosure and there will be no more media notification for Level III offenders.

    Yes, rehabilitating sex offenders so they can be secretly integrated back into our society has worked well over the past… I don’t know how many years. I just found out about it in 2013. that year a nine month old baby was killed by a Level I sex offender who was hidden by law enforcement in Benton County.

    Now the state wants to spend money to add 17,000 more sex offenders to the protected sex offender list?

    Don’t get me wrong. I strongly believe all sex offenders should be prosecuted. I also believe the public should know who the offenders are so the public can protect themselves and that the “people” should have some mechanism for oversight into why sex offenders are given Level I designation.

    The “Community Protection Act” of 1990 was put in place to protect the public; not to allow law enforcement to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not. In this case which offenders we get to know about and which ones they protect from us.

    I spent quite a bit of time in court while my son-in-law was prosecuted. That way I could make sure he was given a proper sentence rather than a plea bargain down to nothing. For my sitting there for hours he got 18 years. But while I was there I discovered that most of the fines assessed to those convicted of crimes gets decreased or withdrawn in the courts by the judges.

    So it will be the tax payers paying the bill. And what do we get in return. Safety, security and the ability to identify offenders so we can protect our children? No. We get more sex offenders living secretly among us taking pictures, grooming our kids, attending school functions etc. etc. I mean after all, their punishment is: “offend and you will be protected and hidden by law enforcement.

    Not much deterrence there.

    Well they will be assessed a fine. Whether it is paid is another court date.

Pay very close attention to the names on this bill… I know of at least 3 politicians who has something to gain by hiding sex offenders from the general public. Here is one of them

Senator Hatfield’s son raped another child repeatedly but nearly wasn’t prosecuted with the help of Prosecutors John Meyers from Lewis County & David Burke from Pacific County. The child told his mother but she didn’t do anything to protect her son, he then told school officials who initiated a CPS investigation.

What NO ONE seems to be asking is: Who did that to this kid? Who abused him? Kids don’t just think one day Hey I’ll go rape so & so out of the blue. Hatfield’s explanation of the behavior is that his mother died when he was young. Most of the boys who’s mother’s have passed away don’t rape other boys because of it either.

Washington state senator's son, 15, pleads guilty to raping younger boy - 2014-08-24 21-26-52

I am still trying to find out what happened with the Bill but the next time you vote please look at your child, & remember these people voted so that you may never know if your neighbor, day care worker, school employee, & any other number of positions which make children vulnerable could now have easier access to your child to abuse & victimize them.


Here is the full text of the bill…




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