Spokane Attorney Kim Kamel In The Child Theft Business

So there’s a new racket in the state.

It’s called 3rd Party Custody. If your babysitter or the neighbor decides they want your kid all they have to do is go into court and say they’ve been taking care of the kid and they can and will get custody.

It was created for Grandparents and family members to be able to get custody or visiting rights in all types of cases and situations but leave it up to someone like Kim Kamel to figure out a way to abuse it.

RCW 26.10

A third party custody action is when a person requests legal custody of a minor child who is not their own. A Petition and a filing fee must first be filed with our office and a case number assigned.

There is a story I’ve been researching that is so out of this world at first I thought that it was a prank case file put in there just to mess with researchers and journalists. That case led me to 5 others, but there may be more.

I honestly thought the person who told me about it was pulling my leg, then I got additional records.

Here is the gist of it as far as I can follow

4 people were in business dealings with eachother, Couple A set up a trust to put all of their assets under.

Couple A entrusted Couple B – as some type of administrators of their trust in case something were to happen to them.

Couple B went after their own parents estate, to the point that the Idaho courts stepped in and removed one of them.

The other person in Couple B then did something possibly not legal and Couple A heard about it and took them off as benefactors with this logic: If they could do that to their parents, what would they do them?

So that should be the end of the story right? Wrong

Couple B gets the help of Susan Harmon a former employee of Gonzaga University to go into court and file for 3rd party custody of Couple A’s child. The courts give it to them, with no evidence of any wrongdoing of the parents.

That was 2 and a 1/2 years ago and these folks are still fighting for custody of their son.

CPS has even sent letters to the benefit of the parents, to no avail. They feel the child is being sexually abused where he is at now.

Don’t worry, it gets weirder. Some woman gets in her car and drives to Eastern state hospital and sends a fax through their machines saying that she knows the biological mom and that she is mentally deficient. Problem is that this woman is doesn’t seem to be a counselor nor has the mother ever been to see her.

Now Eastern State is scrambling and playing cover your butts but the fax is clearly from there. CPS has been coming to court for the parents, and the Judge has been ordering reunification for the family for over 18 months but the GAL has defied and ignored every single court order.

Judge Moreno orders it, but has never once enforced it so she is just as culpable.

For those of you that don’t know a GAL is a “Guardian Ad Litem” who is appointed by the courts to determine what is in the best interest of a child or a vulnerable adult.

Enter Kim Kamel…

Notice her long list of credentials.

  • Washington Women Lawyers, Former President
  • Gonzaga Law Review, Former Membership Support Chair
  • Society of Human Resource Management and Northwest Human Resource Management Association, former Legislative Chair

Problem is that she wasn’t a Membership Support Chair for the Gonzaga Law Review, she was in fact an associate editor. So why only put that she was a chair person? That a bit like claiming to be a janitor at Microsoft when you were a CEO. There is a reason for that…

Washington Women Lawyers are also reaching for stars, they claimed that there was a misprint and that is why Ms Kamel wasn’t listed as a past president. Problem is that I verified that each past president listed is somehow referenced for each year, there is no room for Ms Kamel to be left off or left out.

Even more telling is if you go to their website and type in her name there is not one single mention of her in any of the Chapters. (I’ve only copied to the year 1999 when Ms Kamel graduated from Gonzaga)

They are supposed to be still searching but no where in any publications is Ms Kamel listed as a past president, yet I can find numerous instances of others listed for every year.

SHRM and NHRMA have no knowledge of Kim Kamel ever being their legislative chair, although they are still searching for me.

So she lies, she has a very long history of doing so. Ms Kamel has been on my radar for at least 6 years, and if she is involved there is something sketchy going on.

What I am seeing is that she has charged Couple A over 60,000.00 dollars for her services. What are her services? Well near as the records show she has met with the biological parents once for about an hour.

Ms Kamel took the lady from Couple B down to the court to file for an emergency hearing to dispute the reunification specialist credentials.

Yes: she took the woman who is trying to steal these peoples’ child from them down to the courthouse to file an emergency motion, which upset quite a few of the court clerks as well. Why?

She was appointed by the courts as a GAL to do what is in the best interest of the child, not to advocate for child thieves.

Either way she or Witherspoon Kelley is going to make 60K off of the misery and abuse of a child. It is still unknown if she is acting on her own behaf or as an employee of Witherspoon Kelley

Maybe they are trying to make back the 9300.00 they allege Ms Robin Haynes stole from them.

For those of you who don’t know: Witherspoon Kelley is one of the largest, most well respected law firms in Spokane but their reach extends far past Washington State, they are one of the most noted supporters of open government, and their list of clients is the who’s who of the upper echelon… So why would they be involved in a simple theft of a child? I sent a request for comment but I haven’t received one yet. My hope is she is doing this on her own, and if so, I hope they rid themselves of her like the plague.

She seems to have made a very good living off of the GAL scam though, out of these 3 cases below she didn’t even show up 1/2 the time, but she still got paid, or maybe her law firm did.



Perhaps the most interesting part of this story which leads to more questions then answers is that in the grossly convoluted cases which seem to drag on for years there are always 4 key players in these cases. Kim Kamel, Judge McKay,  Judge Moreno, and Commissioner Ressa.

CASE#1CASE #2 CASE #3 So what is the connection?

All I’ve found so far is that they are all from Gonzaga, and add to this the woman from Gonzaga Susan Harmon (former assistant to the Dean) just comes out of nowhere.

I still can’t figure out who the Western State Employee is either.

The only advantage I have for investigating this is the fact that these folks move these custody cases out of the Juvenile Courts to the Superior Courts so that Judge Moreno has complete control over them, but that makes it so the proceedings aren’t confidential.

I am currently trying to get interviews with the families, so I will know more later.

So just a word of warning to those of you with friends or babysitters who you trust with your kids, this could happen to you too. Especially if you have assets or property that they want.

I’ve got several 1000 documents to sort through, and 6 different cases but I will update as soon as I can, or if I can get ahold of the families.I honestly believe the only way they are going to be able to fight this is to come together, they are nothing but prey by themselves, because these 4 women are nothing but predators.

Even more disturbing is that this seems to be a relatively new scam so they are “test driving” it over there, which means we’ll see it here too in the not too distant future.