Spokane County Sheriff Abduction of a Disabled Man

Spokane County Sheriff’s Office is being run by a tyrants, and murderers. They are not afraid to beat a citizen beyond recognition and they are being led by the King of corruption Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich

This imbecile has blamed everyone in the world all the way up to Obama for the garbage going on in his county and when that didn’t work he simply resorting to blame the numerous murder victims and lack of funding

Recently 3 Spokane County Sheriff’s beat a disabled man to a bloody pulp. Deputy Michael T. Keys, Deputy Turner, and Deputy Chad Eaton. (Video at the bottom of the story WARNING it is very graphic)

His crime?

He was hungry so he went to WinCo for a TV Dinner. Once there he was harassed by the woman who was checking him out for using food stamps.

This man is disabled and has various mental health issues, and it’s none of her business what he was using to pay for his food.

She continued to harass him and he became agitated at which time the store manager called police.

Once the police showed up things went horribly wrong for Shaun Rockstrom.

His real crime was to be related to a family that has fought back against the Spokane County Sheriffs for many years, specifically a woman who has been abused beyond all comprehension by the Sheriffs, Judges, and Courts for years.

As Shaun Rockstrom tried to walk away from the police after asking if he was under arrest, these 3 officers jumped on him and began to beat him because: you know: 3 against 1 against a disabled man is a fair fight.

What they didn’t count on was an ex-cop and his wife witnessing the whole event, taping it, taking pictures and calling 911 to report it.

That didn’t stop the Spokane County Sheriff’s Officers from lying, in fact quite the opposite.

If you look at the report the Officer claims that one fist is a “pre-fight indicator” but they were dealing with a disabled man, who was feeling threatened and was now scared but is pretty much used to being abused by the Spokane County Sheriffs.

His training should’ve taught him that that is a sign of a disabled man in distress, maybe his training was Bruce Lee movies and he skipped the actual classes.

He also claims that standing there with his back against the wall is choosing a position of advantage. Just think about that for a moment, you are terrified, there are 3 cops in your face threatening you. He had nowhere to go.

They are directing each other to beat this man supposedly, and continued to beat him even after he was handcuffed. Then they claimed all he had was a cut on his nose and a bump on his forehead. Most interesting is that when family members asked for all video recordings and 911 calls they denied that the Winco videos even existed

Just to give you an idea of the brute force being used on this man, he moved his head out of the way of one of Deputy Turner’s fists and Turner hit the ground so hard he broke his own hand despite the fact that the officer was wearing Kevlar Knuckle Gloves

So there was a witness, several of them, who reported the incident as police brutality. These witnesses have not been contacted any further even though they have left over 30+ messages for investigators. Instead of calling them back they are just trying to discredit them

Perhaps the worst part of this is the fact that the police were not after Mr Shaun Rockstrom, they really wanted Mr Shayne Rockstrom, his brother. You can see in the video below that they continue to ask if he was Shaun or Shayne and keep asking about Shayne’s partner Ms Jill Fleck

Either way this was a perfect way for Judge Annette Plese to get some kind of revenge on Ms Fleck and the Rockstrom family. They have refused to let him have legal mail, refused to let him have visitors, and Judge Plese set a poor disabled man’s bail at 250K to ensure that he couldn’t get out and get any type of help. She has actively been attacking his family as noted in the custody hearing papers below and she had no business signing off on the warrant below that.

Furthermore his public pretender has refused to accept calls from him and has told him he can not call them anymore.

Since the public defender wouldn’t do anything the family has tried to have Judge Plese disqualified since she has an obvious and direct conflict but she has managed to put herself back on his calendar and they have fast tracked a “Kangaroo Trial” for him for April 17th 2017. Have you ever heard of someone going to trial that quickly? No, not unless they plead guilty, but he isn’t doing that and he is not even fit to stand trial

Thank Heavens that some fellow activists are going to videotape the proceedings because as is the rule in Spokane he will be railroaded, but the tapes should at least provide some evidence he can use to appeal his conviction

So to recap- Spokane County Deputies beat a disabled man into a pulp, they lie, ignore witnesses, don’t let him have access to his family, or legal help and have fast tracked him to put him into prison so they can get revenge on his family and activist Jill Fleck who has fought Judge Plese, Attorney Susan Embree, and her ex-husband’s new girlfriend who has had a sexual relationship with Judge Plese. Weird right? Just another day in Spokane County


Please keep in mind that the interview was done after Mr Rockstrom had been given sedatives, but in manic people sedatives work quite the opposite and make them appear to be on a stimulant