Why Animal Rescue Needs To Be Regulated Part 1

A plethora of cute little adoptable dogs are flooding in from California and Taiwan while the bigger less adoptable ones from our state are murdered in our shelters every day.

Most “Rescues” in our state operate without a business license, a state non-profit, or a 501(c)3 so there is little to no oversight as to the business practices, or the treatment of the animals.

Adoptapet lists 500 dogs available in a 250 miles radius from a Seattle Zip Code

One rescue has 123 of those dogs, of course it Ginger’s Death Row Rescue.

There are approximately 420 rescues operating in this state under the radar

With adoption fees of $495 to $750 she stands to make 68,000 to 92,000 thousand dollars off of that group. Considering she moves about 75 dogs a month

None of those dogs are from here, they are from California, Iran, and Taiwan. Sadly most of the big dogs listed she doesn’t even have them, they are languishing away in boarding in California.

AKA if you don’t adopt them they will most likely end up back at the shelter to be killed anyway.

Even at the best boarding facility a dog will eventually develop behavior, and possibly health problems being confined for such a long time, and that can be a problem a new adopter can not be prepared to deal with.

Ginger’s rescue gets free vetting from a local vet teaching school, yet she claims to have an eternal vet bill for a local vet.

The adoption fee is firm and helps cover the medical expenses of our other rescue dogs in need of orthopedic surgery, dental and teeth extractions, cherry eye removals, and more.  Donations are always appreciated to help us pay down our vet bills at Greenwood Vet.

She was responsible for the outbreak of parvo that killed healthy vaccinated dogs several years ago because as soon as the van pulled in from California the dogs were taken to the Puyallup Fair Grounds and adopted out, no quarantine, no temperment testing, nothing.

She got a van load of 23 dogs which brought 600.00 each from what a volunteer reported which was 13,800+ dollars. Why didn’t she pay that to the vet towards her “bill”?

Before she was kicked out of Petco and Petsmart she was selling 25 to 60 dogs per weekend

I get complaints at least once a month that she didn’t pay for the dogs she gets from a great deal of California shelters, and when they catch on to her she sets someone else up as a rescue and funnels dogs through them. I know of at least 7 rescues operating in this manner. 4 of them keep the animals in kennels in their garage and that is it, the only time they come out is to clean a kennel, or go meet an adopter.

Please keep in mind when she buys dogs from breeders claiming they were on death row, she charges up to 2000.00 for each one.

Dogs aren’t the only ones being used and abused to make a quick buck, and rescues that appear to be legitimate are also in on the scam.

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It gives people immeasurable joy to adopt a pet and with all of the propaganda we have been fed by the likes of PETA and HSUS we have been taught to believe that breeders are these demonic creatures regurgitated from the depths of hell.

Did you know: Breeders were the original rescuers? Without all the fanfare, gofundme accounts, bashing of human beings etc…

As a rescuer I work mostly with breeders for many reasons.

1.) They know more about their breed of dog then any book, or internet tutorial, so they can help you find appropriate homes for that specific breed.

2.) They usually have a waiting list for that breed of dog so a good deal of the pure breed and even mixed breed will be adopted by someone on their waiting list because they love that breed.

3.) Good breeders guard their bloodlines and the integrity of their breed and they guard those bloodlines with their life, so they are staunch supporters of spay and neuter.

4.) Good breeders will always take their dogs back, I’ve had breeders fly here from Maryland and Minnesota, and had one send a pet nanny to retrieve their dog from Florida. When they get a dog back they get full health testing, and will work to find them a home.

Did you also know: Most dogs in shelters and rescues are the result of “Oops puppies” from irresponsible owners, or idiots who “wanted their kids to experience the miracle of birth”.

They are also the product of “Backyard Breeders” not to be confused with “Hobby Breeders”. The backyard breeders are only interested in getting money from whatever dog is popular at the time, they provide little to no vet care, genetic testing, or socialization.They don’t seem to care if is a pure breed or mixed “designer” breed as long as the money is there.

As a rescuer I cry when I see a dog in a movie because I know the floodgates of hell are going to open up for that breed in the next few months, it breaks my heart even more when these are breeds that are already known to come with genetic problems.

Hobby Breeders may have 1 or 2 breeding pairs of dogs and their “career” is usually short lived because the dogs in question are their pets so they are only going to be bred maybe once or twice, fixed and spoiled for the rest of their lives.

You also have the line and show breeders, folks who breed their dog for the sake of a certain line, to create show quality dogs, and in some cases they can be considered a hobby breeder because one dog’s show career can go over 7 to 10 years depending on the breed. So they don’t have to breed many dogs to get “the one”. Generally if they breed anymore than that it is because people also want that specific line.

So are all rescues bad? Not at all. There are many good rescues in this state, and there are many good shelters.

Here are just a few…

Grant County Animal Outreach: The woman who runs it will travel across the state to place the dogs and cats in her shelter, she has created an environment of cooperation with rescues and in the community. She does more outreach then anyone I’ve ever seen. I am positive that she probably spends more from her paycheck then she takes home to save these animals.

PAWS: Paws and I have had our go rounds, but at the end of the day they have nothing but respect from me. They take sometimes 80 dogs, (maybe more) from local municipal shelters, from our state every week so they aren’t put to sleep. They will go to amazing levels to save any animal, domestic or wild. I have only seen them improve over the years

NOAH: Noah is one of the best shelters I have ever worked with, the level of compassion I have seen from them gives me faith in humanity

SAFE: Seattle Are Feline Rescue is an incredible organization, made up of mostly volunteers, they also have a compassion for people.

PURRFECT PALS: I found a cat on Highway 99 who had obviously been starved and run over, I got him stabilized and they agreed to do his surgery free of cost but the vet fell in love and ended up adopting them. The staff are kind and compassionate and the cats are so happy, I could spend hours there (before my allergies try to kill me).

Motley Zoo: The director has suffered the cruelest loss of her own little dog because of a dental vets incompetence yet even today she was out trying to help us place a dog. She has always gone above and beyond for people and animals

PUP: People United For Pets, It would take me 4 more stories to tell you how great these folks are. I have never seen a situation they haven’t handle with kindness, responsibility and compassion above and beyond.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of good rescues and shelters but there are far more out there that are just plain awful. There are plenty of rescuers who don’t even have a name, a facebook page, or a million paypal or gofundme accounts. They just quietly work behind the scenes doing as much as they can.

The other fact that you should know is this: If a dog or cat is in a “rescue” they are not in danger of being put to sleep.

Animals in a shelter have a 3 day limit most times to get adopted or be killed.

Those are the dogs you should be looking at first. When people call me looking for an animal I always try to steer them towards a local municipal shelter first. Anyone who calls themselves a “rescue” should also do the same. Sadly a lot of them are only worried about the money.

So to recap:

Good Breeders – Not the devil

Dog Pimping – Bad

Dogs in Shelters – Can die in 3 days, go there first

Be a careful consumer and don’t fall for every sob story you hear.

In Part 2 we’ll examine how to get laws in place to regulate all of these operations and why so many animals and people’s lives may depend on it.