The "Supreme" Court of Washington state has cured hearing loss!

All of the hearing impaired folks should drive down to the Supreme Court as soon as possible and talk out loud, you don’t have to shout or anything, just talk and they will say you are shouting, and if you say you’re not they will call you a liar and they will rule that you are not hearing impaired just like they just did today to Kathryn Abele and you too will be cured.
They fancy themselves as Gods so it must be true… she may have been suspended for a year but according to the Supremes she now has her hearing back – Evidently they are some kind of medical professionals as well, since they seem to have made a diagnosis right on the spot.
Maybe it was their Snake Oil that “cured” her
Just ask inJustice Wiggins, he’ll tell you right here:
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You have to admit though that the WSBA and the courts are getting much more creative in their story telling… We have the tapes clearly showing that the Marshals pushed this woman, you know: The two they said didn’t exist

Oh and nevermind the pesky fact that inJustice J. Wiggins is on the Disciplinary Advisory Round Table can’t let the appearance of impropriety get in the way of bashing an attorney with physical limitations now can we? Of course we all expected him to rule against the very rules that he himself is inventing everyday, yes that sounds credible to us…

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Darlene Neumann, WSBA staff liaison

Thank Heavens that Vanessa Norman emailed the entire Seattle Police department to solicit complaints against Ms Abele or she might never have gotten her hearing back.

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