Today is the Last Day of Hempfest

Hempfest has one more day and then you’re stuck waiting til next year.

It is being held at Myrtle Edwards park in Seattle

3130 Alaskan Way - Google Maps 2015-08-16 01-55-14

There are several entrances depending on if you’re a member or not

Here is the schedule for today (click the schedule to go to the website)

Festival Schedule « Seattle HEMPFEST 2015-08-16 01-58-49

The best part of Hempfest is all of the wonderful vendors and the food.

Even more importantly: it is amazing what hemp can be used for and the things that can be made with this product.


Please don’t be a dunce though, this is not an opportunity to go out and sell your own “wares” selling of any drugs in a park is a felony.