Pierce County Prosecutor Steve Merrival Not Afraid to Abuse His Power

I guess what’s good for the Goose (Mr Merrival) is not allowed by the Gander (Mr Lindquist).

More correctly seems Mr Merrival was taken to the woodshed for continuously using his position to get his wayward son out of trouble.


Ellensburg Daily Record - Google News Archive Search 2015-08-15 23-22-05

BeenVerified.com- Steve Obrien Merrival 2015-08-12 19-51-01 Steven Merrival arrest records

Seems his son can beat women, stalk and harass them and drive around drunk all he wants to as long as his daddy is a Pierce County Prosecutor.

There is much more but I want this to soak in a bit: This man prosecutes others for the same thing but when his kid does it he covers it up for him. This has been an ongoing pattern since 1993

I hope we would all stop and think that domestic violence is a learned behavior….

A point that Merrival brings up very often in all of his statements: He claims there are over 80 incidents of prosecutorial misconduct since 2000, what he fails to mention is that Mr Lindquist didn’t take over until 2009 and that the incidents have been greatly reduced since then. The question no one is asking is how many of those incidents are linked to Mr Merrival.

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