Tomorrow the WSBA Will Violate about 8 Federal Laws

So tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. the Washington State Bar Association will prove everything I (or anyone else) has ever written about them, and they will take violation of civil rights and federal law to a whole new level.
They are one of the top predators in this state, they destroy lives and careers at the drop of a hat, drive people to suicide and rule with an iron fist.
There is absolutely no limit on the depths that they will sink to, they have proven that time and again.
Today Ms Block is undergoing a major surgery which will yield one of two results, she will either regain partial hearing or be completely deaf. The results may not be clear for several weeks.
She notified the Bar months ago to let them know that this surgery would be happening since she really had no choice as to when it would happen.
Once she notified them they initiated a hearing when they were sure she would not be available.
The last hearing she had she had to do by phone so that she would be able to hear, they muted her so she could not speak shortly after the hearing began, so she thought all of her statements were on the record but that is the only way they could win.
I drove over with her to Spokane to deliver all of her evidence to the hearing officer which totaled 1700 documents and somehow none of the proof she offered was ever considered.
Well the blame for that falls squarely on the Supreme Court as they have taken the Bar “under their authority” so they are allowed to conduct quasi judicial hearings but they do not obey and laws of any court. They are a court unto themselves with no accountability. If they are challenged then the Supreme Court sides with them and enforces their illegal kangaroo court.
The most important thing to understand here is that the Washington State Bar Association is just that: An “Association” more like a mean boys and girls club but they are not a state agency and even though they take city, county and state funds in various forms they claim they are not a state agency for public records purposes.
They do not have to consider any of the evidence submitted, they do not have to follow any Brady rules and if another lawyer is stupid enough to represent one of the attorneys they have targeted, most of the time they are later disbarred as well.
Ms Block seems to think that asking for a hearing in front of the full board will make a difference, for some unknown reason she still has a small measure of faith that the entire WSBA is not corrupt. A very dangerous fantasy at best.
The full board has had the opportunity to go over the documents and the case already. If they were in fact not all corrupt then it wouldn’t even be coming to a hearing tomorrow.
They are trying to disbar an attorney who disassociated herself with a corrupt organization, over a pedophile, woman beater, and a thief: Who were never  her clients over her 1st Amendment rights, and have repeatedly violated the Americans W/Disabilities Act at every turn.
Imagine if you joined the Elks, or the Eagles Clubs and decided you no longer agreed with the way they did things and simply did not pay your dues, assuming that you would no longer be a member but next thing you know they are trying to ruin your life and take away your freedom because you wrote a letter to the editor about asparagus.
The only bright spot here is this. Once they disbar her tomorrow she can file an appeal with the Washington State Court who will rule against her in an “Unpublished Opinion” at which point she can appeal to have it published which will change Washington State Laws regarding clubs and associations, which will be fought by thousands of others besides her, we’ve already been promised that.
For those who don’t know an unpublished opinion is a move by the appeals and supreme court for when they need to rule against you, but it is a ruling that is on pretty shaky ground, so they can beat you down and their crimes can never be used to defend another person or held against them.
Next good thing that will happen is that she can take it up to the 9th Circuit as a whole new suit and at that point I have 7 different agencies that are going to get into that fight with her, along with 12 other individuals who, once their name comes up, the whole thing becomes National News. I know of 2 people who have flown in from out of town to attend tomorrows hearing.
Instead of just leaving this woman alone in her private affairs, a civil right guaranteed by both the US and the Washington State Constitutions, (but not the Bar) they had to cut their nose off just to spite their own face because she challenged the absolute and supreme power they have over every aspect of city, county or state Government as well as every branch of the state Judiciary and US District courts, remember they are all lawyers.
It was pointed out to me that the Full Board could say that they are postponing the hearing but time is of the essence here: Lin O’Dell has a court order against her for misappropriating clients funds so they have to get Ms Block before O’Dell goes down.
I am pretty sure that somehow this whole thing violates the Americans w/Disabilities Act, I’m not sure exactly the legal terms but I will keep researching it. I have found a very clear pattern of discrimination of many different kinds within the Bar. it took me a while to figure it out but I understand it now. That is for another story though.
Like I said, these folks will cut their noses off just to spite their face, or in this case Anne Block and they ultimately will be their own undoing.
Just recently the Appellate Court (Division I) ruled against Ms Block in one of their famous unpublished opinions, literally rewriting the Public Records Act. Which might have gone quietly under the bridge and stood only against her but then in quite possibly the dumbest move I have ever seen, the Washington State Attorney General moves the court to publish it, well then Anne Block also moves to publish it.
I freaked out on her, because that will set the Act back to 1972 possibly further then that. She then explained to me that the ruling did in fact destroy major parts of the PRA but that in order to fight it, it had to be published… so were are going to be in a world of hurt for a while but in the end it will help us rid ourselves of the parasites who are feeding on the laws by turning them against the very people they are supposed to protect and using it for their own gain or simply just rewriting it at their own whims.
So Ms Block thinks that the full board will do the right thing
I don’t think

Sarah Campbell
Marion Ellen Morgenstern
David A. Stirbis
Kenneth Bromley Rice
Kirk T ‘Chip’ Mosley
Matthew W. Butler
Tom Youngjohn
Paul Taylor Ferris
Douglas Schafer
Paul E. Simmerly
Rosaura Del Carmen Rodriguez
Linda J. Whitt
Grosvenor Anschell
Joe Wickersham
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Robert B Jackson (probably deserved it)
Karen Unger
Mary T Wynne
Robert Grundstein

any of the folks listed above would agree with her but I guess time will tell.

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