More 1/2 Truths About Mark Lindquist From Major Media

Okay… We know the report was released in regards to the investigation of Mark Lindquist.

Of course Steve Merrival had his abusive disgusting mug up there soaking up as much free press as he could get.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing is that King 5 at no time ever asked Merrival about his many domestic violences, or the fact that he has gotten his kid out of numerous DV’s and DUI’s using his own posititon of power, nor did they ask him about why he refuses to use the conference room where all of the negotiations are made but instead uses a small side office so no one can prove what was said (since there is no recording in the small office).

If you listen to his sputtering jelly filled diatribe you will hear everything he is guilty of.

The good news here is that the report did identify some key problems with Mark Lindquist, but it also dispelled many of the lies that are floating around.

No doubt in my mind that Lindquist can be a huge douche, it almost comes with the job, but I can attest to the fact that he is anything but prejudiced. It also goes back to what I originally said, there is no way on a hot hell day I’d want to work for him but the Prosecutors office is his responsibility, the voters elected him to run it, he inherited an atmosphere of entitlement via career prosecutors who are used to making back door deals, like Merrival.

Don’t believe me just because I said it but maybe take a look and see when was the last time that Steve Merrival took anything to trial, maybe his team, but not him: It may be at least 15 yrs, he couldn’t handle a trial, he is nothing but a crybaby bully who is well known for his violent tirades over something as simple as a trial attorney sitting in “his chair”

So to recap:

Yes Lindquist can be a jerk and a horrible boss.He also seems to have a license on inappropriate utterances

Steve Merrival is a woman beating drunk bully, along with his son who makes back door deals with the attorneys who instigated the recall. I have proof by the 50 + people who have contacted me and given me the evidence plus my own investigations

The funny thing is that most who have written to me, or called me: their first sentence is along the lines of “Lindquist may be a jerk, but…” When people who honestly dislike you as a human being will step forward to defend you there is far more below the surface. Trust me some of those who have called and written seriously beyond a doubt dislike him very much which usually involves around 15 minutes or two to 3 email pages of why and a few choice cuss words.

Penner is a failed author (but bless his heart he keeps trying) who felt as if Mark should’ve given him access to all of his connections so he could break into the writing scene. Seriously if you take a look at the self written biographies on each ones Amazon page you will start to understand who has the ego.

Lindquist writes for fun like here “I wrote some books and here’s another”

Penner seems to be trying to use any straw he can to sell a book

I still don’t understand how the mainstream media is taking the word of a drunk woman beater. How many restraining orders has Mark Lindquist’s wife had to get against him? She may have had a few duct tape fantasies but Steve Merrival’s wife went into a court of law to ask for protection from the one person who is supposed to care for you, to give you shelter and keep you safe.

The other interesting thing in the report is that the investigator completely confirms the fact that the cops squawking about being placed on a Brady List definitely need to be there. I am including the report here instead of just giving you my opinion. It is not pretty but it dispels a lot of the untruths, if people chose to go after him about the truth that’s great but first lets get the lies out of the way.

Everyone deserves a fair trial… even in the court of “Public Opinion”


Give the choice of a drunken woman beater or a cocky loud mouthed prima donna to protect my personal safety and property: I’ll take the latter any day of my life



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