Anyone Who Has Been Prosecuted by Steve Merrival Deserves a Retrial

After I did this story:

Pierce County Prosecutor Steve Merrival Not Afraid to Abuse His Power

I was getting calls and emails all the way up to 1 a.m. One person actually asked me if I was losing my internal bloodhound. I was told over and over again that father and son were abusers, not sure if they meant the Jr or the Sr… Judging from the records I’d say it’s a tie.

Washington Courts - Search Case Records 2015-08-17 17-12-37
Seems Jr went back to his old ways in 2015

Pay very close attention to the date and think about when all of Sr’s “Whistleblower” complaints started.
Merrival 2015

Mr Lindquist found all of this because of the 2015 matter

Carolyn Merival filed a restraining order against her husband (or her son) in 2003, so that Loretta Lynn “Stand by your man” act is dangerous at best. As I said before domestic violence is a “learned behavior” sadly this was truer then I knew.

Pierce County Superior Civil Case 03-2-02650-1 2015-08-17 17-00-35

Jr and his wife get yet another restraining order

Pierce County Superior Civil Case 03-2-02653-6 2015-08-17 16-58-41

Jr and wife get another restraining order

Pierce County Superior Civil Case 04-2-00660-6 2015-08-17 16-55-47

Jr’s wife finally gets the courage to leave and a divorce

Pierce County Superior Civil Case 06-3-03876-1 2015-08-17 16-53-28

Jr and wife get yet another domestic violence even after their divorce. Remember it can take up to 10 times for a woman to leave her abuser so this is not uncommon

Pierce County Superior Civil Case 07-2-02602-4 2015-08-17 16-54-40Another divorce

Pierce County Superior Civil Case 86-3-03724-1 2015-08-17 17-07-38Another divorce…

Pierce County Superior Civil Case 92-3-00319-7 2015-08-17 17-05-38

Another divorce

Pierce County Superior Civil Case 96-3-01149-4 2015-08-17 17-04-43

Jr gets another restraining order with a new girl

Pierce County Superior Civil Case 98-2-02078-0 2015-08-17 17-03-44

Jr gets charged with Felony Harassment with bodily injury

Pierce County Superior Court Criminal Case 03-1-04426-3 2015-08-17 17-02-36

The 2015 incident brings all of these other charges out into the light against both men, but most of these have been dismissed after quite a bit of legal wrangling.

Mr Merrival was using his position of power to abuse his spouses and protect his son from being charged.

Evidently Mr Lindquist called him out on it. Lindquist had assumed that there was a safeguard in place, especially in light of the David Brame case but sadly there was not and Lindquist came on decades after Mr Merrival started with Pierce County.

He seen the abusive pattern and the many dismissals and put it all together. It would be intersting to know if Lindquist threatened to fire him or offered him a graceful way out.

There you have it: Your reason for the attacks and the petition, Lindquist was furious that he was using his power to abuse women, and the fact that some of his convictions could be called into question because of Mr Merrival’s own history of abuse, not to mention the appearance of impropriety with all of them dismissals he arranged for his son.

So why hasn’t Mr Lindquist made a public statement about this? We are waiting to hear back from him, but I doubt with all of this insane litigation going on that he would be willing to give us an answer.

My sources are adamant about the fact that he did not want to jeopardize Pierce County and set the county up for numerous lawsuits, but I’m sorry: These people have went for his jugular, in his position I would’ve screamed it out loud. They are trying to take everything from him to cover up their own wrongdoings.

Mr Merrival has been defrauding the courts for decades, every time he asked for an exceptional sentence, every time he instructed a jury to convict someone for DV but went home and hurt his own family, he was lying to all of us, he was abusing his power.

Every time he covered for his son and bullied folks to get his boy out of trouble he endangered the public. There is no other way to say it, it is what it is.

Worse yet there are many other charges that I haven’t listed above, all violent. They can have it removed from the state website, but there are still other avenues to get this information.

I will be ordering all of the court documents this week to post so that people can see the truth about this man accusing Mr Lindquist of so many things. I think it’s only fair to make sure that people know the whole truth.

As for Stephen Penner, I have more information coming in about him but will save that for another story and it’s a weird one too.

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