Has Everyone Lost Their minds over McCleary?

Okay the McCleary’s with the help of the Network for Excellence in Washington Schools got the Supreme Court to rule the state wasn’t properly funding schools.

The Network for Excellence in Washington Schools (NEWS) is made up of various school districts and a lot of union interests.

So of course our peanut gallery of law breakers… I mean law makers can’t agree on anything, can’t fix the budget and keep infighting like a bunch of high school girls over the world’s last cashmere sweater.

Seems they fissed off the Supreme Court who believe they really are “Supreme Beings” and they start fining the “state” 100,000 per day.

For those of you who don’t understand the “state” is our wallets

Union and schools sue the state ~ tax payers foot the bill for the fight

The Supreme Court fines the state ~ tax payers pay for that too

So essentially the state is fining the state and since the state is run on the public’s welfare dime, the state will not pay the fines, we will.

The claim is that money will go into some mystery fund, yeah right. If the Supreme Court was really trying to make a statement, not just play hot potato with our children’s education, try levying those fines against the legislators paychecks and I guarantee you it would be fixed overnight.

These are the idiots you voted for and you keep on voting for them. How about we elect people who are smart enough to create a budget (that doesn’t give millions to special interests and lobbyists) so that the Supreme courts won’t have to issue a ruling against the citizens… or the “state” if you will.