U.S. District Court Judge Jones violating citizens rights

In our earlier report about John & Crystal Pennington trying to get a restraining order against a local activist, we showed how they inadvertently provided proof of their own & Snohomish County’s illegal activities including.

1) Predicate acts against the activist & her 1st Amendment Rights

2) Not releasing records requested by the same activist

Just to name two, there are actually 5 but for the purpose of this story we’ll stick with those two.

I sent Judge Jones the following email requesting some answers to the contention that Crystal Pennington made that the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) suit was going to be dismissed with sanctions when there has not been a formal ruling made yet.

This same woman threatened the activist telling her that she couldn’t wait to go to her disbarment hearing months before that activist even became aware that there were numerous complaints made about her by (non-clients) Mr & Mrs Pennington.

Mrs Pennington didn’t suggest it may be dismissed, she stated it would.


I have received no response from either Mr Sean Raey the Snohomish County Prosecutor nor from US District Court Judge Robert A Jones to this email.

Judge Jones should have recused himself from this case a very long time ago. I wrote to him when he tried to deny the activists 1st Amendment rights the first time by saying she could not contact local leaders for any reason – Public Officials which everyone has the right to access.

***Please note that since writing this email I found 33 more stories about the citizen & there have been about 17 (or more) stories written since then, & some of them now include myself

Please keep in mind that Judge Jones has made statements that violate the rules & laws of ethics. He may be a “Federal Judge” but he is 1st state appointed & then state elected. In other words he is a Judicial Politician.The Judicial Cannons of Conduct are far more stringent then for local Judges.

He also has a very long history & very close relationships with the people accused of Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) in this particular case.

He is also a member of the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA), one of the agencies that the citizen is suing. The second they were brought into it, an out of state Judge should’ve been assigned.

I did not get a response to the first email but I did get my own “Judicial Spanking” in regards to my own case, the message was very clear, the problem is that I can not stay silent, even at the cost of my own case which was denied immediately after I sent the email.

I am no martyr but we all have to take a stand when we see injustice anywhere, no matter what the cost is. Only then will these public officials realize that they serve us ~ not the other way around.

The second point is that the activist requested records & the County claimed they did not exist, yet they were clearly in the exhibits that the Pennington’s presented.

This is exactly the reason she has been litigating with them for six years, because they keep violating her rights. If you believe this is not your fight you are mistaken, this is everyone’s fight.

If a group local city, county, state & even Federal Judiciary leaders can come together to violate one woman’s rights over the course of 6 yrs: What’s to stop them from doing it to you?

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