Understanding Snohomish County and City's Government

In order for our readers to understand who we are writing about and understand their relationships we are going to be writing a series of stories about each one.
We will link the different stories together and once you know about one you will be able to the relationships between all of them.
Then you will also understand the stranglehold that these particular players have over our county and the cities within those boundaries.
Most of you know that I have been investigating these people for more than 4 years. I have information I haven’t written about but I think it’s time to lay it all out so the people: the voters, can make a better informed decision about their elected leaders.
We will also have to discuss past leaders so that you can see who they have left behind to complete their work.
We will also be looking at employees in the county, most of which are related to someone in local leadership who have crossed many lines.
I welcome all tips, info and insights that you, our readers, may have, but please remember that if something you’ve told me is not printed there is a very good reason. It can be because I am looking for further info to document the information, or that it is not in the best interest of other people who may be hurt by the info being made public, namely ~ children. I know the argument is that it is the fault of the parent but we know that kids can be cruel especially teens.
Most of the info I don’t really report on is concerning affairs, anything else is pretty much open and fair game. What most of you may not know or realize is that many of the women married to these people and the children in the home are also abused, and Mark Roe’s office is party to covering most of it up if it even gets passed to the prosecutor’s office, so antagonizing a woman or child beater is not in the public’s best interest. Once I know that the spouse and children are safe and out of the county then I will print it or even give all of the proof and info to a good divorce attorney.

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