The WA State Bar’s RICO enterprise — in a ‘nutshell’ and the ‘long version’

In a complaint filed in US Federal Court for the Western District of WA, activist and plaintiff, Bill Scheidler presents the WA State Bar’s RICO enterprise in a “nutshell version” and in a “long version” that includes diagrams, 1000’s of pages of case histories, dozens of grievances filed with the WA Bar against lawyers for their misconduct and dismissed by the Bar, and grievances filed with the Commission on Judicial Conduct [CJC] against judges for violations of law and their code of conduct that are also dismissed by the CJC as evidence of massive corruption.

The Defendants are listed as

2. Defendant James Avery, individually and in any official capacity. Avery is mandated by law to publish the “qualifications and manner” of making claims for citizen’s Article 7, Section 10 rights. Avery violates his obligations mandated by law, there is no legal “manner nor legal qualifications” that Avery disseminates – it is all a fraud to cheat citizens. Avery is a RICO defendant in an association-in-fact with all defendants.
3. Defendant Alan Miles, WSBA #26961, individually and in any official capacity. Miles serves three masters – the US and WA constitutions by his oath; the WA State Bar as a condition of his license to practice law; and the county assessor by virtue of his salary and job description, deputy prosecutor, governed by Kitsap County. Miles aids and abets Avery’s fraud. Miles is a RICO defendant through association with the Bar and in an association-in-fact with Avery.
4. Defendant M. Karlynn Haberly, WSBA #8674, is Kitsap Superior court judge. She is being sued for acts in a non-judicial capacity and in abuse of color of law for which she has no immunity. Haberly serves three masters – the US and WA constitutions by her oath; the WA State Bar as a condition of her license to practice law; and Kitsap county and WA State by virtue of her salary and job as judge for Kitsap County. Defendant Haberly’s conflict renders her ‘disqualified to sit as judge” under RCW 2.28.030, CJC 2.11 and her violation of this law is official misconduct. Haberly is a RICO defendant by her association with the Bar and in an association-in-fact with Avery in the crimes they commit.
5. Defendant Kay S. Slonim, WSBA #12414, individually and in any official capacity. Slonim serves three masters – the US and WA constitutions by her oath; the WA State Bar by her obligations to the Bar; and the State by virtue of her salary and job description chair of the Board of Tax Appeals, governed by the State. Slonim aids and abets Avery’s fraud. Slonim is a RICO defendant in an association-in-fact with the Bar defendants and Avery.
6. Adding, Defendant Ione George, WSBA#18236, individually and in any official capacity. George serves three masters – the US and WA constitutions by her oath; the WA State Bar as a condition of her license to practice law; and Kitsap county by virtue of her salary and job description governed by Kitsap County. George aids and abets Avery’s fraud. George is a RICO defendant by her association with the Bar, and in an association-in-fact with Miles, Avery, Haberly
7. Adding, Defendant Washington State Bar Association (“WSBA, Bar, Association”) is a private organization existing under the laws of the State of Washington, having its principal office and place of business in King County, Washington, within the territorial jurisdiction of this court. For purposes of this action the WSBA is a “person” The WSBA is a fiduciary tasked with maintaining the “integrity” of WA State’s judicial system and to insure lawyers ‘protect and maintain’ Scheidler’s individual rights. The WSBA betrays the trust and is a RICO enterprise.
8. Adding, Defendant Jane and John Does, 1-100, who have not yet been identified.

However Scheidler notes other lawyers that may be made defendants at a later time. They are:

11. WA State Bar Associates: David Jurca WSBA #2015, Jeffrey Stier WSBA #6911, Scott Ellerby WSBA #16277, Cassandra Noble WSBA #12390, Zachary Mosner WSBA #9566, Felice Congalton, WSBA #6412, J. Reiko Callner, WSBA #16546, Bruce Lemon, WSBA #9326, Ronald Schaps, WSBA#2203, Elizebeth Turner, WSBA#24165, Cathrine Clark, WSBA# 21231, Melody Retallak, WSBA # 40871, Jeffrey Downer, WSBA#12625, Joel Penoyar, WSBA #6407, Jill Johanson, WSBA #15649, Adel Ferguson, WSBA #31246, Gauri Locker, WSBA#39022, Russell Hartman, WSBA #7104, Kevin Hull, WSBA #23994, Clerk of the Supreme, Susan Carlson, WSBA #12165, Keith Harper, WSBA #10742, Jennifer Forbes, WSBA #26043, Frank Cuthbertson, WSBA #23418, Ernetta Skerlak WSBA #14128, Eric Miller, WSBA#41040, Cam Comfort, WSBA# 15188, Dionne Maren Padilla-Huddleston WSBA # 38356, Sally Briggs Leighton, WSBA#12156, Alexis Foster, WSBA#37032, Mary M. Tennyson WSBA #11197, who may be named defendants at a future time.
12. Clerk of the Court of Appeals, David Ponzoha, who may be named defendant at a future time.

But that isn’t the end of all that is included in the complaint … there are excerpts from law firm web sites and course materials from institutions that dedicate their efforts to “protecting insurance companies” by developing methods in the “strategic use of court rules” to defeat a plaintiff’s jury demand. In other words, lawyers are taught how to stop a case from being heard by a jury. Scheidler says these “tactics” taught by such firms as Marsh and McLennan and the Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel

While Scheidler states this in a “nutshell version” it is still a whopper for anyone to get their brain around. He says,

This action is precedent setting. It involves the highest levels of the WA Judicial System and the self-policing WA State Bar association, including the Supreme Court Judges and other Judges, Prosecutors, and Private Attorney at Law, all tied together through the WA State Bar Association and committing crimes with impunity against victims in various combinations of legal abuse schemes utilizing the courts and other agencies controlled by WA State Bar lawyers to aid and abet.

The racketeering conspiracy and anti-trust activity is witnessed and experienced first-hand by Plaintiff and countless other victims of this enterprise throughout the State of WA. It is masterminded at the highest levels of WA State Bar association. Bar associates-in-fact, coming from various public and private domains, have created a RICO enterprise that now dominates and controls the WA State Bar’s disciplinary functions, which in turn controls the market for attorneys in WA by taking attorneys out of the market who advocate ‘unpopular’ causes, which affect individuals, businesses and interstate commerce.

The extent of the Bar’s criminal conduct includes, but is not limited to, insurance fraud through case fixing; kidnapping through case fixing under color of child protective services; human trafficking and even “murder by neglect” through case fixing under color of guardianships; Conspiracy; Extortion; and false imprisonment through case fixing.

In a nutshell WA State’s judicial system is polluted by Bar sanctioned RICO associations-in-fact, being under the protection of the WSBA’s disciplinary schemes so lawyers at the helm of these ‘associations-in fact’ can violate their solemn oath to tell the truth, to conduct themselves with honor, and to never seek to mislead a judge or jury – mandated by law, RCW 2.48.210– in order to carry out their criminal schemes.

Scheidler goes on to give his ‘first-hand’ experience in how Bar Associates, betray their oath for the sake of the almighty dollar.

28. Defendants, who are all government officials, have as their preeminent duty, established by Article 1, Section 1 of WA Constitution, to “protect and maintain” Scheidler’s individual rights.
29. If these defendants abided by their “preeminent duty” and abided by the laws that govern their conduct, and would tell the truth rather than lie upon lie, the cascading and interrelated set of unfortunate events – criminal events — would never have occurred.
30. For argument… Circa 1998, if Carol Belas, as then Kitsap County Assessor, simply did her job as her oath demands, and “corrected” Kitsap County’s misrepresentation of a controlling law occurring within a document that must be signed by Scheidler as “true” under penalty of perjury, which is a black and white issue, the cascading unfortunate events that spanned 17 years would never have occurred.

    … Scott Ellerby, a Bar associate, would not have been retained by Scheidler to sue Belas for the misrepresentation and due process violations she caused by not doing her job… Cassandra Noble, Kitsap county prosecutor, would not need to extort Ellerby’s withdrawal from Scheidler’s case in order to save the Assessor, … Scheidler would not be forced to sign the assessors fraudulent document under duress, … The bogus APA hearings conducted by Slonim would never have taken place, … The lawsuits filed by Scheidler against government officials for the lies they tell would not have been filed, … the grievances resulting from lawyers lying would not have been filed … the Bar would not need to cover-up the crimes their associates commit in dismissing grievances … the grievances against judges for lying would never need to be filed; and those grievances dismissed by the CJC to cover-up the crimes of judges… the $248,000 in SANCTIONS imposed upon Scheidler as retaliation for seeking due process and in trying to hold lawyers and judges to the “law” wouldn’t occur… the RECALL petition to remove a corrupt Bar official who lied to cover up crimes of his colleagues involved in the cover-up of Ellerby’s role in the assessors fraud would not have been filed … the legal appeals to correct the lies and deceit would never needed to be filed … the appellate judges wouldn’t need to fabricate facts to cover the crimes of defendants, … the Clerks of the Appeal Courts wouldn’t needed to violated their duties by not filing pleadings in order to hide the lies being told by judges and lawyers, … Judge Leighton would never see this case and be told by defendants to deny Scheidler’s due process … . the 9th Circuit would not be involved to “reverse and remand” this case back to Leighton because Leighton denied Scheidler’s due process … It is 17 years that document “one corrupt act upon another to hide corruption, incompetence, negligence… And at the center is the WA State bar in betraying its fiduciary duty to insure the “integrity” of our judicial system through its “regulatory” powers.

Scheidler diagrams how the WA State Bar Association has devolved into a racketeering enterprise by simply being a statutorily created entity to which all lawyers must belong and under which all lawyers are regulated. His diagrams illustrate what he then lays out in 50 pages of facts and in another 40 pages in what is called a RICO Statement. [As soon as copies of these documents are available a link will be provided]




The question still remains … how does a citizen file a complaint against those that commit crimes if those that commit the crimes are the ones who adjudge the process?