Violence and war has never solved a thing, and it never will


Wars are fought every day, some within ourselves.

There is never a clear “winner” and the toll of human suffering can never be outweighed by the good that some think it may bring.

Some of the greatest “wars” have never been fought on battlefields


They were fought quietly with conviction and courage beyond any armed soldier


Some were fought with no weapons, only the love of others and what was right


Everyone wants to have a “side” to be on, whether it’s a political party, a religion, or even a culture.

It’s a human paradox, everyone wants to be different yet they want to belong.

I think we all know that our Government is corrupt beyond the pale, and it is easy to blame the politicians but it really isn’t their fault. We gave them free reign to do whatever they want and they took it and have done just that.

The Freedoms that are inherit in our country also comes with a responsibility to guard those freedoms like a jealous lover. Most average citizens can not even tell you what the Constitution says, or even where or what the bill of rights are. That is why I and about 50 others stand up for you, that is why we have given up everything that is dear to us, and risk our lives every day. We may not be big and powerful but we are committed.


There are days I want to get on a tower with about 20 crates of rotten tomatoes and throw them at every one I can get. Everyone walking around updating their facebook and twitter, walking around texting about what celebrity is screwing another celebrity, and whining about how bad this country is and how out of control our leaders are…

Some of you may know my adopted son was killed by the Seattle Police, shot 11 times with his hands up in the air but he was a white boy so there were no rallies, no ACLU, no NAACP, the way I found out is that I woke up one morning to see a police chase on the news, and the news anchor came on and said “Authorities have confirmed the dead man’s name as Austin Derby” I screamed at my husband, I think I punched him a few times, I kept begging him to say I didn’t hear what I just did, I begged him to tell me they didn’t just say my baby’s name, I crushed the television and then I fell. In Oct 2013 I lost my dog, in Nov 2013 I lost my aunt, in Mar 2014 I lost my Nephew, and in July 2014 I lost him but there was more, in Nov 2014 I lost my baby sister and a foster son, then just a few months ago I lost another nephew that I raised for many years. I have every right to be angry and hateful and to take it out on the world. If anyone really knew what I endured in my childhood or teen years they might not even understand how I survived this far, some days I have to admit that even I am astounded and amazed that I am still here.

I have been discriminated against based on my race, religion and financial standing and I have seen some of the most horrific abuse of animals that anyone should ever have to see as a rescuer. The thing is those were bad people but as an abused child I also met other kind people, people who made a difference in their lives, they couldn’t do everything but they damn sure tried to do something.


As a rescuer we have volunteers, donors, and adopters who have stepped up to help me do what I do and the truth is I couldn’t do it without any of them. Even the people who have turned on me and back stabbed me served some useful purpose in my life.

The world is full of nice, good, kind, brave, people, whether they are cops, lawyers, judges, elected leaders, priests, neighbors, or teachers.

Yes there are bad people but the good outnumber the bad. No matter how good we are though we are culpable for the ills of the world when we stand by and do nothing. The biggest sin the world commits every day is to be indifferent to others, if we could stop that we could change the world