Why does Merck hate Same Sex Marriage?

I was doing some research and noticed that 2 employees of Merck & Co. had made contributions to proposition 8 – the battle to fight the legalization of same sex marriage.

I’ve got a call in to Merck, and am still waiting. It is the American way to have a difference of opinion, no one is questioning that right.

What is disturbing is that Merck who is one of the providers of many of the medications developed for A.I.D.S. would allow their employees to associate their names with a campaign purely based on hatred.

If that is the climate at Merck then how does that affect their research and development? If anyone remembers HIV was thought to be a “Gay Disease” in the early 80’s until it wasn’t…

We will follow up as soon as we get a response

merck hates gays

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